Monday, January 20, 2014

Have I mentioned that I hate needing to have money?

So I asked for donations before, and people came through, and I doubt there are any more people to come through.

And now:
1 Just ran out of oil
2 The furnace is still somewhat broken but hopefully not so broken that I can't put off completely fixing it until I've had a few months to fill financial reserves.
3 Property taxes come due (did I mention I'm responsible for the expenses where I live now?)
4 Tuition
5 Books

Taxes and oil are really the problems.  (For the cost of one 50 dollar late fee tuition can be put off for the entire semester.)  They're not monthly expenses but were at least somewhat figured into the monthly bill I was paying to live here.  Ideally I would have had time after the switch from paying one bill to paying expenses directly to build up an excess from not needing to pay them and then pay them with that excess when they came due but because of timing it isn't working out that way.  Instead they're hitting me at the beginning of directly paying expenses meaning no reserve built up meaning fuckity fuck fuck fuck.

The oil is never supposed to get nearly low enough to run out to begin with but I had that whole thing with the oil company bullshitting me and such which is what caused it to run out the last time.  Now I have another oil company but because money haven't had the opportunity to get the tank up to the point that is usually the minimum before we call to refill.

So, yeah, major fuck.

So if I should seem down or distracted or whatnot, that could be why.

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