Wednesday, January 8, 2014

I'd like to do a quote (from the blog) of the day, please help

You know that sidebar with the donate button I'm always asking you to use?  I'd like to put a quote a day thing in there.

To do that I figure I need:
2 A random number generator which will be used to choose a new quote at random once and only once per day.
3 To combine the above two things.

Do I know how to do either 2 or 3?  No.

But right now I want to talk about 1.

I'd like it if people could read through the blog and pick out quotes, and their associated posts, that they think are nice, for example:

You mean when I was all, "Woe is me, Forks is Hell on earth, I am in soul crushing agony," because I moved to a cloudy place of my own free will? Yeah, it was so much worse than I was letting on. Hell on earth doesn't even begin to describe how horrible it is to get a free truck, have random people appear out of no where to support me when I don't even bother to hear their names, and become the most popular kid in school. The tortures of Cocytus don't even begin to compare to Forks. Judas comforts himself from his position of being gnawed on by Satan by telling himself, "Well at least I don't have it as bad as Bella Swan."

That's on the longer side, but it's ok.

Sticking with twilight for examples, there's no reason there couldn't be more than one pulled per post, for example:

Your metaphor is a chimera.


Edward: It's ROMANTIC.
Bella: It's ILLEGAL.


And what if the cat doesn't just sit around in the box waiting for someone to let it out? What if it builds a blow torch and cuts its way out. A dead cat can't do that (forget about the zombie cat), a live cat absolutely would. (Have you ever seen a cat with blowtorch? They cannot be stopped.) What does it mean when the cat both does and does not cut a hole in the side of the box?


I don't know why exactly, but I think it might be that he realized I was the narrator and without me he would cease to exist.

And of course the random:

The border between fact and fiction has been abolished.

I got stuck in a white room inside a no-ship in a black hole for two weeks with nothing but a sonic screwdriver, a temporal delta stream calculator  a pile of electronic equipment, and a shipment of props from American TV shows from the 1960s to the 1990s intended for display in a museum in the Glaucon Quadrant.

nature abhors a non-euclidean tangle of non-temporal causality

We have to go forward to a future that is being killed off by nano-plague and zombie plague, has an active slave trade, is at the mercy of conspiracies, makes libertarians salivate, and has been invaded by the forces of an evil AI who somehow can screw with the real world to stop something or other from happening or else we'll never get home and everyone will die horrible deaths.

2000 miles, three football fields, one eighteen wheeler and three cans of Pringles to the left on my mark


And now I'm going to randomly grab example quotes.

Artemis likes you, Eros likes our relationship, and Eris wanted to screw up Apollo's plan.

“Yes, and I know that whenever I’m incinerated all it takes is someone saying they’re sorry and I drop the grudge immediately.”

Hera's solution is to keep that up but add some sex and legal entanglement?

For a moment the girl stops. She glares at him. It is a hard cold glare. A mixture of determination and utter contempt. Then she bends down, picks up a starfish, and throws it into the sea. She looks back at the old man. “I made a difference.” She pauses for a moment. “To. That. One.”

The laws of both kingdoms were hodgepodges collected over a thousand years of whatever seemed best at the time. After frantic searching, double checking, and hasty comparisons, it was clear that there was only one thing that the nobility on both sides would be forced to recognize. Only one thing that could avert the war: Alliance by royal marriage.

"And it's just mongers.  Only one "er" in it."
"It doesn't make any sense," she said, suddenly animated.
"The spelling?" her brother asked confused.
"No, the war."

"Getting married to someone I've never met in a kingdom I've never seen because a bunch of nobles decided to create no less than 76 casus belli and show no signs of stopping... It's just what I always wanted."


Ok, not the best quotes, reek of being quickly grabbed based on a non-comprehensive look that was done in a hurry.  And they tend to be on the longer side where I feel like there should be some good short ones.  But you get the idea.  I hope.

So, want to help?  If so, go, do this thing.  Look through the blog and any time that you think something is a cool/interesting/noteworthy quote grab it and the address of the post it is in and then share with me.

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  1. Something ate my comment the second I clicked "Publish". I guess something doesn't like cats, or blowtorches, or both. That just makes me vote for "a cat with blowtorch" passage as a quote-of-the-day even more.

    --- Redcrow