Sunday, January 19, 2014

The weather, it is here. (image post)

It doesn't take a scientist to know that the climate is changing.  It takes a scientist to know the way in which the climate is changing and how this is being brought about, and what the trend is, and so forth.  Part of "so forth", by the way, is whether or not this climate change is normal or abnormal.

But all that it takes to know that the climate is changing is memory.  Things are not as they once were.

I can't speak for everywhere, but around here climate change hasn't made winters warmer, it hasn't made winters colder, it has abolished the very concept of winter.  Between the current winter snow storm and the last were autumn rains.  From front to back the seasons have got no sense of themselves anymore.

Everything has become seriously fucked up and while averages will bear out that this time of year is colder than what once was summer there's no counting on the idea that the weather will be winter weather for any length of time.

This fucks ski slopes all to hell.  Feet of snow will be dumped on them --Yay!-- and two days later a lukewarm rain will wash half of it away while turning the other half to ice --boo!-- the result being that even if a fresh layer of snow was just laid down the best you can hope for is, "Well, parts of it didn't suck," because under that fresh layer of snow is the ice from the rain, just waiting to be exposed.

Anyway, some pictures from outside the house today:

Night pictures don't always work right

There is no good angle on this tree from my house.
Hence the splicing of two together.
Same tree as the second picture, but a different angle with better lighting.
It's the tree at the end of my driveway.

The rain really, really cut down the snow piles in front of my house,
soon they'll be tall again;
then it will rain.

The people next door have more impressive trees than me.
Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

The world.
Until the season radically changes in the span of a few days next.


  1. >>>The people next door have more impressive trees than me

    The trees are always whiter on the other side?

    --- Redcrow

    1. I tried to like your comment, then I remembered this isn't Disqus...

  2. I love that last one. I saw a similarly black-and-white tree a couple of years ago in Cambridgeshire; it's a beautiful effect.

    Near here we've been having floods; the Thames was some 4-5 feet higher than usual at Marlow. Some discussion: the government says it's "once in a century" (trying to imply "no need to do anything about it"); the locals say "actually it gets this high once every ten years or so, I'm really glad those rich suckers bought my riverside cottage".

  3. A thing that has happened to me is I've gotten unused to regular snow. Like, pretty much all the snowstorms in the time I've lived here have been HUGE storms, often blizzards, where snow and work were canceled if it was during the week, and there were driving bans. (Also, hurricanes!) So now, anytime it snows, I'm like, "Surely they will cancel school? Surely it will be too dangerous to drive?" which is silly, because shoveling snow and driving in snow and remembering to clean snow off your car and leave extra time to walk carefully has been part of doing winter here for always. (And yes, some if comes from having lived away for a while, but the weather pattern has gotten a lot...less continuous? like you're saying.)

    1. That should be "school and work were cancelled." Snow on the brain...