Monday, December 17, 2012

They say never lift with your back... (snow)

And I try to listen, honestly I do, but based on the incredible pain in my back right now, I've failed on that count yet again.

Anyway, have pictures:





  1. I don't get why snow shovels are so huge. Snow is heavy.

  2. That depends on the snow to a fair degree. That said, today it was indeed heavy. Not the heaviest ever, but the opposite of light.

    I used two shovels today/tonight. One is good for pushing, but a lot of the shoveling required throwing, and for that I have a shovel that is falling apart and has been for years. It's a good shovel, just probably as old as I am. Or older. I don't even think the company that made it makes shovels anymore.

  3. Oh no! Respect the snow, it will f*** you up.

    Get your rest, medical attention of needed... Hope you feel better soon.