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Skewed Slightly to the Left Apocrapha: Why Amanda was allowed to sit in on the meeting

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Ok, I guess this goes between On the Plane with Nicolae and Before the Potentate's speech.  Um, or not, this is added after I wrote the below and then realized I duplicated things and gave different reasons for certain events.  But, um... Greek myth never matches?
As Rayford exited the cockpit with Nicoale four armed guards joined them.
"It was a good plan, I suppose," Nicolae said, "crash the plane before we're out of range of San Francisco and my forces can't very well bomb it until I'm accounted for and out of range.
"Your mistake was in thinking that just because I can't read your mind means I can't tell what you're going to do.  I let Amanda sit in on our plans because, well... seeing her face as we discussed them was precious.  Seeing her try to hide her astonishment, outrage, despair, and so forth was so very nice.
"Now, she was the only one in the room, which means that the sudden release of the news of which cities were  targeted is due to her, so what better than her being killed in one of the cities?"
Rayford stopped walking.  Four weapons were suddenly pointed at him.  Nicoale had also stopped and gestured for the weapons to be lowered.
"Relax, there is something better.  You did not just kill your wife.  I just wanted to see your face when you thought you did.
"I got her onto a good military transport, she left before we did.  We can deal with her later.  Dropping a bomb on her is so... quick.  She'll be safe until I decide what to do with her."
Relief and dread battled inside of Rayford.
Nicolae continued, "That list of cities was real by the way.  Why use a lie when the truth will do?
"I see your confusion, you never were the smartest, were you?  Whatever air force the resistance can muster, from museum pieces to crop dusters with guns hastily attached, will concentrate on the defense of those ten cities.  So all I need to do is defend my bombers and then I'll rule the skies over North America.
"I wish I could have done it for the whole world, but if I gave away too much information it would be clear that I was leaking it on purpose.  Talking about the region I was in made sense, revealing targets in other regions would tip my hand."
Nicolae stopped at a door, opened it, and gestured to the lavish room behind it, "After you."

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  1. "I've got ten per cent. of the world's bombers. Did you really think I'd neglect the fighters? More than five hundred aircraft came from the USAF alone..."