Thursday, December 27, 2012

And my grandmother is dying

I didn't get the news when it first came out because I was out of the house much of the day, but it's come down to me now.

Which one?  The only one I have left, my father's mother.  Strange thing is, of all of the old people I know, she was the one I always expected to live longest.  Her mind was a labyrinthine maze that sense rarely if ever was communicated from, but she was always active, always in tip top shape, and always lively.  The people she's going to outlive don't seem anywhere near as healthy as she always has, and they never did in my memory.

So if I should seem withdrawn or mopey or whatever, I've got good reason.  This is just a head's up.  If it should seem like I've been hit by an emotional baseball bat, now you know why and you won't have to ask

[Added] She died. [/added]

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