Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Living Daylights (Buy this movie)

Ok, so my mother's reaction is "I think I've had enough of this movie," then again for movie-not-related movies she slept through part of it and that could have had negative effects on the viewing.  She would wake up and have no idea what was going on which I think detracts from the experience somewhat.  She definitely liked it at some point in the past because when I said, "The one with the cello," she was sold.

Anyway, part of my reaction was, "Why has it been so long since I watched this movie?"

It is, I say without reservation, one of the best bond movies ever.  There are things that could have improved it, if Judi Dench were playing M then I can see no possible way that could work out badly, but they're from different eras.

I hate his other Bond movie, but this one makes me believe that, at least for this one film, Timothy Dalton is the best Bond ever.

There's a lack of many strong female characters on account of there being a lack of many female characters (especially if you limit yourself to those who appear in multiple sequences) which the movie seems to try to make up for by having Maryam d'Abo go from simple cello player to someone who leads a cavalry charge, wins a fistfight while driving, and is generally awesome.

John Rhys-Davies is always fun, as is his relationship with Bond.

Anyway, The Living Daylights:

The only possible excuses for not buying it are these:

  1. You already have it.
  2. You're as poor as I am.
  3. Both.

I've linked to it three times, you have to get it, that's like a rule or something.


  1. I don't watch a Bond film for strong female characters. Well, not since Thunderball, anyway. Ah, Fiona Volpe...

    Where I think TLD falls down a bit is in not merging the characters of Whitaker and Koskov; Whitaker's just not on stage enough to get interesting things to do.

  2. Living Daylights was the last Bond movie I liked. I watched the next few, but now I don't even bother.

    cjmr, whose migraine is preventing actual logging in today