Thursday, December 27, 2012

An update: My grandmother died.

Still waiting to hear back about whether or not I can change an appointment I have tomorrow so I can go see her with the rest of my family, but that doesn't matter anymore.

I am now without any grandmothers.

Until today, until this evening, I didn't even know she was sick.


  1. Oh no. I'm so sorry. :( *offers hugs and sympathy*

  2. Thanks.

    It generally takes a while for death to sink in with me, so right now I'm mostly fine but at some point in the future it'll finally hit me.

    What's got me now is how fast everything happened. I learned she was in hospice and the family planned to go see her tomorrow, I tried to reschedule an appointment so I could go with everyone else, and then less than an hour later I learned she had died.

    Hospice means you're going to die (it's care specifically designed for those who are terminally ill/injured/whatever else could be terminal) but it doesn't mean "You're going to die now." People can be in hospice for a good long time.

    I didn't have time to come to terms with, "My grandmother is dying," before it became, "My grandmother is dead."

  3. My condolences and hugs, if you'll accept them.


  4. Hugs and condolences from here, too.