Tuesday, December 25, 2012

It's probably not actually Jesus' birthday (images)

In fact, it almost certainly isn't.  And even if it were I have no idea what an evergreen, even a fake one, would have to do with it.  None the less, I just cleaned off my living room floor, brought up the fake tree, went through lights to get almost two working strands, hung some bulbs, and realized that I missed my self imposed deadline of before midnight.  Then I spent a good solid 40 minutes looking for my camera which I have yet to locate.  So all you get is a crappy built-in-webcam shot:

That can be compared to last year when I had no presents to put under the tree
so I put another tree under it:


  1. I love the halo effects on the bigger lights in that last shot.

    We had "real" trees when I was growing up, but I don't like killing the things; I like a good artificial tree, and these days we tend to use some holly branches (so the bush stays alive).

    Merry Newtonmas.

  2. I love the halo effects on the bigger lights in that last shot.

    I do as well. Hard/impossible to reproduce though, comes from the camera being fogged. Actually it comes from the camera first getting fogged, then being in a state of becoming unfogged and mostly getting there but not quite.

  3. Oh, also, on trees.

    It used to be that we had the artificial tree, but my grandparents, who we would visit every Christmas, had a real one.

    Those grandparent have lived out their lives, so no real trees anymore (dangerous things anyway, I remember that those needles could be sharp) but I carry on the tradition of the artificial one.

  4. According to my German Lutheran grandparents, Martin Luther started the tree tradition. But I've always taken that with a grain of salt. The tradition did start in Germany, though.

  5. Winter: darkness, death. It's easy to see how evergreens could be a symbol of life and rebirth. I'd guess the tree predates Christianity; or at least the tree was adopted into Christmas from elsewhere.


  6. Considering that decking trees is explicitly prohibited in Jeremiah 10:1-5, yeah, I think we can fairly say they're pre-Christian. :-)