Friday, December 21, 2012

If the world did end today

The wind is strong
The rain is hard
Strange noises come
from outside my home
Perhaps the world will end tonight
the weather's right
And if it did, I'd leave
so much undone
so much unwritten
but at least
I wouldn't have to face
I took four classes this semester
and failed them all by any measure
If by tonight
I cannot write
several responses to
things I've yet to read
Then another failure
becomes official
unless the first
hasn't yet.
And of the other two
who knows?
I know one failure is deffered
can I make it into a success
before that extra time runs
And of the other I haven't heard
Haven't heard for good or ill
which makes the prospect
seem worse still.
I hate uncertainty
it seems
more than certain shattered dreams.
And can I solve things by tonight?
Can I really read and write
what must be done
'fore time runs
All hope seemed lost
long ago
and nothing new
has changed since then
in any way, but wrong.

The wind is strong
The rain is hard
Strange noises come
from the space
beyond my walls
Perhaps the world will end
The weather's right.


  1. I don't really know what to say, except: "That sucks." Not the poem, you understand - that is actually quite good. But the situation that prompted it fairly sucks.

    I'd meant to say something on the earlier post, but I couldn't think of anything that might be helpful. I'm not sure I have this time, either - but if it's any comfort, I'm in kind of a similar {I'd love to do this/I suck and I can't do this} mode with several of my own writing projects.