Sunday, February 19, 2012

Twilight, Masquerade Burlesque: Explanation for using a Truck as an Umbrella

[Originally posted at Ana Mardoll's Ramblings.]
[Following up on the idea that the Cullens are intentionally failing the masquerade in absurd and over the top ways for fun, someone suggested that Alice lifted the truck above her head and danced down the street with it.  This would be Alice explaining why she did that to a vampire who wasn't in on the game.]

Not-in-on-it Vampire: You walked down the street holding a truck over your head!
Alice: Actually, I danced down the street holding a truck over my head. I figured people would notice the dancing and not the truck. I needed the truck, you see.
Not-in-on-it Vampire: No. I don't see. What could possibly make you think carrying a truck like that was a good idea?
Alice: Well I heard there might be sun, and I was outside, and if I didn't cast a shadow on myself I would have sparkled and given everything away.
Not-in-on-it Vampire: So you carried a truck?!
Alice: Well, an umbrella on a sunny day would have been suspicious.
Not-in-on-it Vampire [is at a loss for words]


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