Friday, February 3, 2012

Dreamer's Flight - Story idea

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I've long had an idea for a story in which a firefly class transport an obsessed fan built for a home (name the the home: Dreamer of Dreams) is fitted to actually fly as a means to escape ... something. Something that can only reasonably be solved with a vtol aircraft.
The plan would begin with something like this:
"Dreamer don't fly."
"Ok, first, you majored in English and you tutored grammar for six years. The word is doesn't and you know it. Second, I know you. You probably made it space worthy."
"I don't actually know if it would stand up to a vacuum, I mean there's only so much testing-"
"I rest my case. I have engines. You have an aircraft. This can work."
The thing is I have almost nothing else in mind other than the firefly flying. I mean, isn't that enough? Ok, I do have a couple other thoughts. The pilot would be female (only character with a definite gender at this stage) and awesome, the one who built the firefly would explain that before you do anything you have to hit these three switches,
"What are they for?"
Take off would be accompanied by Magic Carpet Ride. Landing would take place on a ship (as in ocean going vessel) of some kind. Enough people would be involved in the project of making the house fly that they'd be packed into Dreamer's cargo bay on takeoff like a load of black market beagles. (This is not a Noah's ark affair, more like Utnapishtim loading up his boat with as many people as he could.)


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