Wednesday, February 15, 2012

In Loving Memory of My Camera

So, given that the one day sale on Twilight ended many hours ago, I probably shouldn't be leaving that as the top post.  Unfortunately I've been in a not-so-good mood since yesterday around, say, 2:30 and it got worse in increments probably topping out as I was walking home, noting that sunset had come and gone, thinking that the lights reflected on the estuary I was walking over (on a bridge, I can -as yet- not walk on water) would make a wonderful picture, secure in the knowledge that I'd lost my camera.

Any lingering hope I might have had went away today when the company that runs the buses between the two campuses that make up my university sent me an email saying that they had looked, and found no camera.  That means that everywhere that it could have been has been checked, and every associated lost and found has also been checked.  No camera.

I love that camera.

I was going to post a picture of that model of camera, so that there might be a visual aid, but for reasons I do not fully understand that's not working so I'll just send you a link to the entry for that camera on Amazon which has pictures of the model of camera, picture taken by such cameras, and a large amount of verbiage describing just how awesome it was.  (I can sum it all up in five words: "It is an awesome camera.")  And I lost it because I put it into a pocket that didn't really have enough room for it, then forgot about it.  By the end of the day it was not in the pocket any longer.

It wasn't cheap either.

Anyway, after I realized it was lost I spent hours looking for it, decided that the world was mocking me because pretty everywhere I looked there was something to take a picture of, and have felt more or less like crap ever since.  (Although there have been exceptions.)

Did I mention I miss my camera?  Because, seriously, I miss that camera.  The most annoying thing of all is that it was slightly damaged and still under warranty.  It shouldn't have been with me in the first place, it should have been being repaired, but I forgot to bring it in the last time I went to the store.  If I'd remembered to bring it, then not only would it not be lost, it would be in the process of being made better than it had been.

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