Saturday, December 10, 2011

The past month

It's been about a month since I actually sent in an update for This Week in the Slacktiverse, so anyone who relies on that for updates doesn't know any of what I've done since then. I figured the simplest solution would be to make a big update post. This is what I've done since then:

Romulan Tangerine Lamps - I had tangerines, I tried to make lamps out of them. Hannah said many interesting things about the Hungarian language.

Two excerpts from my NaNoWriMo project:
Ryan on Stalling - It seemed appropriate to share since I was stalled.
Ryan makes an incoherent metaphor - What I finally wrote when I got unstalled.

Left Behind, Twilight, and Narnia:

Two things, both about the onrushing third World War, from an ongoing attempt to make Left Behind with non jerks called Skewed Slightly to the Left:
Excerpt from a secret meeting
Fighting Fate

Left Behind with Edward and Bella - A Twilight-Left Behind crossover where I attempt to illustrate my belief that Left behind is populated by people who are all Edward Cullen.

World War III, as told in Left Behind - An attempt to fit everything we have been told about the war so far into a single straightforward narative.

Five responses to this post on Left Behind by Fred Clark:
Lunch With Edward - (Part of Snarky Twilight) More or less what it sounds like, Edward beckons to Bella, she comes over, they sit together for lunch. Jessica is in there too, she's glad she's not the main character.

John Galt Sparkles - Why the ending of Atlas Shrugged might actually work as intended if John Galt were a sparkle vampire. Will Wildman is considering doing an Atlas Shrugged Dracula crossover as a result of this short piece.

Work against the Emperor's Magic? - Aslan, being willing to be Heroic; Susan being awesome. At least that's how it was intended.

Original Work:

Jesse in the Morgue - There was some discussion of a story that is basically Jesus in high school. This was my version of the Resurrection.

Jesse in the Garden - A continuation of the above, in which I completely ignore the actual biblical story of what happened in the garden.

Demon Resources - Nick Andes interviews someone who wants a job in his reigime.

Strike Me down - The death of the Antichrist in A World Without God.

Summaries of two books that haven't been written yet:

The Next Out Of Left Field Mass Market Boom:
Initial thoughts
Additional thoughts

The Time Travelers Guide to English Grammar

Stuff that is more like an ordinary blog:

The tangerine lamps should probably go here, but I already mentioned them.

Depression and NaNoWriMo - Did you know that depression and writer's block seem to have a lot in common? I think that's what I was trying to get at with this post, but it's probably not the most clear thing in the world becuase I didn't figure that out until after I finished writing the post.

"What have you been up to?" - More stuff about living with depression, this time on how the lack of accomplishment that depression tends to cause is itself depressing.

Venting - The two emotionally abusive people in my life collided at my sister's birthday. It wasn't the first time something like that happened, it won't be the last. I needed to get what I was feeling out, hence the venting.

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