Saturday, December 17, 2011

Why are you doing this? A theological question in Left Behind

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[I know of the thing which this references only through osmosis.  I gather it is too depressing for my tastes.]

“Why are doing this?” Michael asked.

God responded, “In a moment, the huddled masses will look up and say:” God gestured to the the earth, a car stuck in traffic in Chicago.

“It’s the end of the world,” Chloe whispered. “God help us.”

“And now,” God said, “I will look down and say..”

A disembodied voice reverberated through the car, and the city, and the country and the continent, and the world. It resonated through the universe, stirring gasses in distant nebulae, shaking suns, and throwing pulsars from their rhythms. It spoke but one word, “No.”


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  1. At this point Meta-Chloe says "Great. God is Rorshach. Actually, that explains a lot."

    1. yes it does.

      Fortunately, the folks running the Antichrist's phone company are genre savvy.