Wednesday, December 7, 2011

D.C. is under attack, and there's a traffic jam in Chicago

[Originally posted at Slacktivist (page 3).]
[I couldn't get over the fact that a reporter live on the scene in Washington D.C., a city that had just been attacked, decided to talk about the traffic in Chicago.]

"As I stand here in Washington, surrounded by the ruins of this once great city, occasionally hearing the sounds of distant gunfire, wondering which side blew up that ambulance and why the ambulance was targeted --was it mistaken for something else? was it intentionally destroyed knowing full well it contained only EMTs and an injured man?--, imagining the faces of the people as they huddle in their homes terrified that the next bomb might drop on them but too afraid to go out into the street, ... I can't help but think about the traffic conditions in Chicago.

"It looks like the northwest toll way is a mess, and the Arlington Heights exit is closed so we're advising all motorists already on the toll way to get off at the route 53 exit and double back on the side streets."

*Loud noise*

"It looks the bombing has moved closer and as I watch the smoke rise from the ruined buildings in dark columns like some sort of ethereal forest I am reminded of a story I heard about earlier this morning. It seems that a cat got stuck in a tree in Osawatomie, Kansas, but don't worry, the local fire department got her down right quick.

"Thank you all for tuning in to GCN, the most trusted name in news. GCN, bringing the most important news to you."

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  1. "Was this ambulance targeted because" BZZT SCREE "there's a man, going round, taking names" POP POP POP "please excuse our technical" RATATATATA "difficulties. Now, we are advising all motorists already on the tollway..."