Saturday, December 17, 2011

Averting ones own doomsday prophecy, a summary of an unwritten work

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I've occasionally considered a story where a group of people who had received a doomsday prophecy then found out that it wasn't quite set in stone, but they were the only ones who could stop it.

This after living their lives with no thought towards the future and almost nothing in the way of savings (and no jobs, and nothing but a small commune that wasn't designed to last.)

The story would be a rather light story though, and one of the characters could see the future, and said character didn't feel right about telling everyone they didn't have to save for the future and then putting them in a position where the lack of savings would hurt them, and did I mention said character could see the future?  His explanation for his actions would be, "It's not gambling if you know the outcome," and they'd all live happily ever after.  Financially secure and content in knowing that they saved the world.

Like I said, rather light.


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