Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Getting information when hiding the woods

[Originally posted at Slacktivist (page 5).]
[It was pointed out, I think correctly, that if the heroes of Left Behind were actually heroes there's a good chance they'd be in hiding by the time World War III happened.]

They'd been debating since the planes flew overhead. The only way the phone would still work is if the government had left the account open in hopes of tracing it, that meant losing their hiding place. They weren't sure whether it was worth the risk, but in the end they simply had to know what was happening.

So Chloe was climbing a tree. They'd picked this spot because it was so far from everything, a perfect place to hide until the heat died down. A downside was that it was so far from everything. There was no reception on the ground, but at the top of some of the taller trees they thought there might be unobstructed connection with the nearest tower.

Several times she reached a branch, checked the phone, and found there was no signal. She was running out of tree, and running out of patience, when she finally got what she was looking for. The connection was tenuous, and slow, but she started loading a news page.


"Oh my god!" Rayford herd Chloe say high above him. Then he heard, "Shit!" followed by the sound of breaking branches, a sound moving closer to earth. Chloe was falling, Rayford rushed to help her, tripped on a root, and fell on his face. He looked up in time to see Buck and Amanda awkwardly catching Chloe.

They laid her down on the ground, Amanda asked, "Are you ok?"

"It's started," Chloe said.

"Are you-"

"It's started!" Chloe said while showing Amanda the phone. Amanda froze in shock. Soon they'd all seen it, a half loaded page, at it's center a picture and a caption. The picture was a mushroom cloud, the caption was Washington D.C.

Chloe had surivived the fall with remarkably few injures, she was bruised all over and her attempts to slow her fall had dislocated a shoulder, but she was prepared for the hike out. The gather the few supplies they had gathered, and headed for the car they had hidden, from there they would go to the nearest city. There would be wounded in need of helping.


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