Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Meta Post: Probably going dark for financial reasons

Next month is in ten days.  I need at least $1,400 next month.  I need to focus on scrounging, selling, and begging in a frantic attempt to get that money.  If I'm focused on that (and school) I'm not going to have time for the blog.

Even more terrifying is that my public assistance is up for review.  $530 a month in cash.  An additional $200 that can be used only for food.  Health insurance.  If it isn't renewed I will lose my house.  Full stop.  I may go hungry.

The odds of there being a Stealing Commas are basically nil.

I'm worried about it not getting renewed.  I never really thought about it that much, but the help I've gotten paying for tuition (thank you and I regret nothing, for the record) adds up to a lot.  $4,000-ish per semester.  For three-ish semesters.  It's not like I kept the money or put it in savings.  It went straight to tuition.  But, on paper, it looks like $12,000 dollars of general income.

If they look at it as that then I am completely and utterly screwed.  I lose everything.

I said it was terrifying.  I meant it.  Absa-fucking-lutely terrifying.

I'll see you when I see you.


It was asked in the comments if donating to me now would make the situation with respect to the review worse.  No.  No, it would not.  I'm as confident of that as it is possible for me to be.  It has to do with the period looked at in the review, the time I have to report incoming money, and stuff like that.

If the review kicks me off public assistance, then I need all the donations I can get.  If it doesn't then new donations aren't going to change that and, moreover, it means that the government and I see eye to multifaceted-bureaucratic-eye on the very major issue of tuition money.  If you donate for something else, that I know how to deal with and report and so forth without fear.



  1. There's got to be a way to prove it went to tuition. shouldn't count as income, should they? If they do, that's just evil.

    I really hope it works out.

    And whatever I can do to help, I will.

  2. I'm sorry.

    Best wishes.


  3. When is your public assistance being reviewed? I want to give you some money, but I don't want to make things worse.

    1. The short answer: just give now, it won't hurt.

      The long answer: It is covering things that have already come to pass. This month is thus not included. I think. But I'm pretty confident about thinking that because they requested bank statements from April 2013 to December 2014, there's no reason they couldn't have also requested "January 2015 to date".

      Moreover, the review is waiting on me. There are some forms left that I needed to fill out, sign, and send in. I was in need of a piece of information that I got yesterday, so I'll be mailing it out today. (Those forms are where I make the argument that the money I say went to school did in fact go to school, amoung other things.)

      Since that's the last piece of information I send in before they finish the review, there should be no way that something that happens on my end (like receiving a donation) could be a problem.

      Well,,, there are some things that I could do that would be problematic, but receiving a donation is not one of them. (If I went out and committed a felony, that would be a problem.)

    2. I hope it all works out all right. And I hope what I sent helps.