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December 2013

I like indices.  I like being able to find things.  The Month Indexes are probably the most useless of the indices I make here, but it was never my intention to stop them.  They're almost, but not quite, two years out of date.  So this is my plan to catch up:
On the first day of each month I'll post the index for two years ago if it hasn't been made yet.  On the 16th day I'll post the index for one year ago.

This is the first index being posted on that plan, we'll see how long before I screw up the plan.

As a reminder, the point of these, in addition to just recapping past work, is to create a way to navigate quicker than going through the blog's old posts manually, but more informative than just looking at the post titles on the "Blog Archive" at the side of the page.

Movies and Games
Long Live the Queen - What I liked about the game.  This is important because I liked the game overall, I'm just not terribly good at talking about why I like things in any kind of detail.  Bad parts are easier to pinpoint.
Long Live The Queen: Unfortunate Implications (Spoilers) - Spoilers, note the spoilers notice.  This is entirely about the very end of the game.  Anyway, civil rights or peace and prosperity.  You can't have both.  Apparently.

General Stories/Ideas for Stories:
American Tricksters - Story Idea - It's kind of hard to explain quickly, that's why the post exists.  Short version: American culture is dominated by Christianity and Christianity has no trickster gods.  Trickster gods themselves stuck to the people who actually believe in them so most of America was left with a dearth of trickster gods.  To fix this the associated trickster gods of the planet have chosen humans to elevate to minor godhood to be tricksters for the non-(trickster)-believers.

And the candidates all live in the same house.  Some scenes with token white guy are included.  Loki is his mentor, which is, I think, what got the whole idea started.

Snarky Twilight:
Snarky Twilight: The Start of Chapter 15 (Or, that time Edward stepped into a bear trap) - Snarky Bella would not let Edward stay the night and she takes precautions when she knows superhuman home invaders might be coming to her room.
Snarky Twilight: Creativity, Trust, and ... um... stuff - Edward does his traditional insultingness, impugns Bella's creativity, claims Charlie sabotaged her truck, and is left wondering how Bella keeps convincing people to defy the narrative.

If the Heroes did their Jobs (Narnia):
The Dinner Party - Caspian and Lucy discuss the oddness of having a dinner party before dealing with the evil magician and the disturbing implications it might have.

Me Stuff:
Hope springs in a sort of lasting way that we're told is eternal but really who can say? - Donations saved me from total financial collapse.  Do you readers even realize how often you've saved me?  I don't think I can say often enough how grateful I am.

Insomnia - Just letting everyone know I had it.

Salvage - It's still in my garage.  You kind of have to read the post to understand.  It's a story--a true story--the kind of story that is only understood in the telling.  Later I saw another bike under the same bridge.  I wisely left it there.

I have no heating oil - Just another day in the exciting life of me.
A quick pointer when it comes to dealing with known liars - Extrapolating general life advice from dealing with the evil heating oil company.
And an update - The evil heating oil company dumps me in a (possibly fake) angry huff that leaves me with a profound sense of 'whut?'
Present conditions (pictures) - A look at the conditions at the time, so look at the quantity of snow and remember that this is when the evil heating oil company decided to refuse to deliver the oil for which they had already accepted payment, and hung up the phone on me.  Also an update on the object from "Salvage".
I have heat! - A more empty post you will not find.  It's just letting people know the heating oil debacle ended.

Shoveling (Image post) - Images to illustrate what winter is like here.  Text version: There was a storm and I had to shovel for seven days to deal with it.

The world at large stuff:
On poverty, internet, and cell phones - I don't really remember why I wrote this.  I know the screed it was in response to, but not why I felt the need to respond.  The point is simple, if made at length, if you don't know about what's going on with people in poverty, for the love of fuck don't try to use them as a tool to argue your points.

Music related to the time of year in a place dominated by Christians - Ten songs.  Christians and the Pagans will crawl into your head and refuse to leave, so one might wish to start with song two.  Some of the songs are heartwarming, some are hilarious, some are just nice.

Blog stuff:
Fundraising and whatnot - Same thing that I've thought about often, is there a way to make money off the blog that isn't just begging for money.  It's not that begging doesn't work (again, I have been saved from catastrophe by reader donations so many times) it's just that I'd rather have some other way.
More talk of fundraising - Oh good god, I didn't even remember that I was originally planning to graduate last semester before deciding that for mental health and assorted other reasons it would be good to stick around and retake certain classes I failed when in deep depression.  That's not the topic though.  The topic is that I was still trying to work out something I could do to make money off the blog beyond asking for donations.


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