Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Stuff I'd like for Christmas

On, I think, Monday I noticed that another pair of jeans had developed I-don't-have-thigh-gap holes.  This brings my total "Jeans that fit and lack embarrassing holes" count down to one.  This can be somewhat augmented by the category of "Jeans that don't exactly fit, but can be worn, and are lacking in holes."

So, since I regularly beg for money (which sometimes even works), I was thinking of what I might beg for money for, with winter coming on and such.  And then a list started to form in my head.

So, for Christmas, I would like:
  • Jeans
  • A new winter coat
  • A rain coat
  • Gloves that don't suck
  • A hat (mostly so my ears and forehead don't freeze off)
  • Shoes that are waterproof
  • Boots, maybe.  I don't know, though.  That might be a reckless spending splurging kind of thing to spend money on.  I mean you can shovel snow for six hours in sneakers if you have to.  (Not that I have sneakers at the moment.)
  • Non-jean legwear
And, you know, that might be about it.  I mean I did think of random other things I could add to be silly:
  • Food for the donkey.  "What donkey?" you ask.
  • A donkey.
Original thought was pony.  The thing is, I don't think of ponies in terms of their usefulness.  It's probably unfair, but if I think of a working animal then what I need is a pack animal and when I think "pack animal" I think "donkey."

If I am to imagine myself loading up my groceries onto the back of a quadruped so I don't have to suffer under their weight for the duration of the walk home, I picture said quadruped as donkey, not a pony.

So, for the moment, that seems to be my list.  If you feel like sending enough money to buy anything on that list to me, the donate button is always open.  And donating even lets you leave a message so you can say, "This is totally for thing X, not thing Y," if you so desire.


  1. This is super-helpful!!!

    One of the things I would like for Yuletide is to beat the @#$%&*! part of Revolution 60 I am stuck on. Probably I will have to restart, but I have not reached the point of giving up yet.

  2. Also,

    If you're going to go pack animal rather than steed, why not a llama?

    1. Good question. Llamas are totally lovable.

    2. Or an alpaca, which are even cuter. And then if you shaved it once in a while and learned to spin and knit, you could make a scarf.