Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A charter school, on the moon, with Steve.

Lonespark has suggested that we start a charter school on the moon.  We'll see if we can work "With Steve," into the name somewhere.

She can teach science, and Norse myth, and Norse religion and such.  I'll cover classics and math and whatnot.  Then we get into the recruiting.  Ana Mardoll is a computer programmer, she can also teach classes on feminism, I would think.  Fred Clark could clearly cover such diverse subjects as Journalism, theology, how not to be an asshole (ethics), and HOW NOT TO WRITE.  (I also nominate him as spiritual leader, but it's just a nomination meaning it can be declined and other people might get nominated too.)

"How not to write" will likely have teachers from all departments pitching in.  Certainly no degree in how not to write would be complete without Ana Mardoll's insights on Twilight and Xanth.

It seems, to me, that we face three hurdles:
  1. Accreditation
  2. Recruiting
  3. Getting to the moon

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  1. I can teach mechanical engineering, but I'm not very good on the shop work end of things. I could also TA a lot of these courses pretty well if that is more needed - particularly math and elementary physics, although I've read reasonably widely on the American Civil War, too.

    There's also the difficulty of building the school on the moon - especially if we want an exercise room with a centrifuge for Earth-gravity physical conditioning. I don't know how often solar panels would need replacing from meteorite hits, for example.