Thursday, January 3, 2013

I'm thinking of doing a sort of theme month maybe (Beginnings)

So, finally beginning the mermaid story gave me the idea to begin, or try to begin, the other things mentioned in this post.  Or, something like that, I'm not actually sure how two of the three remaining ones start, but I was thinking that they could open via an in media res beginning with flashback.  Sort of like how the Odyssey starts when the story is almost over and then has Odysseus give a recap.

And then I was thinking maybe I could focus on starting things.  You know that I still haven't done the beginnings of Edith and Ben or Snarky Twilight?  Been meaning to for a while now, never got around to going back and doing it.

Here are some beginnings I've done already (in the order I've posted them here), some have additional posts following them, others are bare beginnings.
A World Without God
A Hero in Heaven
Not even the Angels in Heaven
A Strong Delusion
Tritones and the Fall
Possibly Falling (in love) for rocks and angels
Possibly Coping with Depression via Vampires
Air Conditioning in Hell - Short I suppose
Back in Hell, but it's the beginning of a piece of crossover fiction for which half of the crossover hasn't been written.
Underground Bunkers for the Masses Maybe
A Wedding Four Words Too Long - Beginning middle and end in 47 words.
Four Weddings of Appropriate Length - Four stories, 43 words each
NaNoWriMo - First words - Start of the never finished novel where the main character is a building blowing up villain who has to contend with the fact that a) it's hard to blow up buildings without hurting anyone, and b) there's this damn superhero who cares a lot less about collateral damage than he does.
Sea Lions - If I were to ever write the the Lion King-Little Mermaid crossover where Muffasa goes to war with Triton in order to steal the secret of having a predator heavy kingdom without anyone getting eaten, it'd probably start around here.
Work against the Emperor's Magic? - If ever I were to write the thing where Aslan takes up arms against the Cthulhu-esque Emperor Beyond the Sea because the Deep Magic is seriously fucked up, this is probably where it would start.
A Beginning Without A Story - Yeah, I'll lose the "multipurpose" if it ever gets a story, and this is probably the closest you'll ever see me come to "There is no doubt that Marley was dead. This must be distinctly understood, or nothing wonderful can come of the story I am going to relate."
Random Discussion of Monsters - Might come near the beginning, but honestly that's reaching..
Dreamer's Flight - Story idea - As the title suggests the post is primarily concerned with the idea, but it does contain the dialog that would kick it off.
Who, Whom, and Wings - Short story, so it contains beginning middle and end, in theory.
A Totally Human Narrator - How not to begin if the eventual reveal that the narrator is not human is supposed to be a surprising twist.  Works find if the narrator is actually human.
Aliens vs. Antichrist, initial thoughts and some dialog - The dialog part would be the beginning, maybe.
Zombie Infection Mistaken for Rabies Infection, Attempt - Emphasis on "attempt".
A thousand generations of Dragon Riders - It functions as a self contained story, as does the above, but the idea was to have it be a beginning.
My Zombie Apocalypse Team - Part 1: Boring Exposition - Note that "boring" is in the title and don't say I didn't warn you.  Also first time the Tardis Truck makes an appearance outside of mainstream Snarky Twilight.
Omphalos Workers - No idea where it would go from there.
Possible Beginning of a possible anthology story about ghosts - What happens when you die while playing a video game.
Mech Story: Beginning
Princess Story, Part 1
Idea for a series of bad creature movies - No, it's not actually a beginning.  But I just listed 7 definitely beginnings in a row so I'm taking some creative licence here.
The odds don't matter (Story fragment in a semi-Calvinist Dystopia) - Whether this is beginning or middle depends on whether the story starts in medias res or not.
NaNoWriMo 2012, explanation and excerpt - The excerpt is the beginning.
Invocation - An arguably more appropriate beginning to the above.
The Daphne and Leukippos story in one post. - The full story, so it contains beginning middle and end.
So you've just been turned into a Zombie - A new chapter of your life is about to unfold.
After the Zombie Apocalypse: The lack of cold medicine (Completely unrelated to the above.)
If the world did end today - A poem.  Doesn't seem to start in the middle so it must have a beginning.
The wrong Sacrifice
Mermaid story: A beginning
What I want to happen in Newsrooms - Honestly it could probably function equally well as an ending or a middle too.  But it certainly can be argued to be a beginning.


Oh, so I never got to the question I was going to ask, what would people think about trying to stick with a theme and writing, or attempting to write, beginnings this month?


  1. I think it's an interesting idea for a theme; would it also be interesting to try to build a taxonomy of beginnings, or at least some set of tools that could be used to compare them?

    1. would it also be interesting to try to build a taxonomy of beginnings, or at least some set of tools that could be used to compare them?

      Probably, but a better question is whether or not I can do it. It's like what Lonespark was thinking when she first read "Depression Index", would such a thing be interesting? Can I make one? Not yet. I've thought about it from time to time, but never really made anything resembling progress.