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August 2012

Not exactly ready to pull a year in review thing, been too long since I did a month thingy.  So, here's this:

Edith and Ben stuff:
Alex and the Truck, telling Charlize Edith is coming on the Seattle trip - What it sounds like, Ben and Alex talk some, Ben and Charlize talk some.

General Left Behind based stuff:
Left Behind gets the Terminator Treatment - Someone comes back in time to stop World War Three, the Tribulation, and all that jazz.  The Tribbles are surprisingly (to the time traveler) uninterested in the idea.
Skewed Slightly to the Left - Index - Seemed like it was about time the series got an index.  Speaking of, three posts from that story:
Rayford meets Earl during WWIII - What it sounds like.
Earl tells Ray about the plane - Following directly from above.
Meeting a contact during the War - What was supposed to be a quiet meeting between Chloe and a black market contact is complicated by the fact that World War III erupted on the day of the meeting.

From my slow trek through .hack//Sign:
Let's all get together - Bear and Mimiru call together pretty much everyone (except Tsukasa who isn't answering his mail) for a meeting.
What happened. - At the end of Episode three we finally learn what happened at the end of Episode two.

From my slow trek through Deus Ex:
Main Menu and Character Creation - Talked a lot less about the main menu than I originally planned, but make up for it by talking a lot about character creation and what that says about the game and the forces that went into shaping it.
Intro - I look at the intro, a conversation between Bob Page and Walton Simons while various scenes are shown.
Theme Post: Messy Beginnings - In the real world it's often hard to say when things began (When did the USA begin?  When did France begin?) with instead of a series of events each of which can be pointed to as the beginning (In the US: start of the revolutionary war, signing of Declaration of Independence, recognition as a nation, end of the war, signing of the constitution, Constitution becoming the law of the land, so on).  Deus Ex's fictional world is no different, in fact it seems to embrace the idea with vigor.

Other fiction related stuff:
What I want is not more origin stories - I'm not opposed to origin stories, you understand, it's just that I'd like to see more things where a group of people who know each other and work together well do what they do, instead of a) watching such a group be killed off and the remnants trying to pick up the pieces along with new guy (a la The Matrix), b) watching such a group form but only having a little bit of the movie, toward the end, with them working well as a team while the rest of it is them grating against each other (a la The Avengers.)  For that matter, the same is true of romance.   Romance as a genre seems to be about doing things that make the viewer scream at the screen,  "Just get together already," and then when they do rolling the credits so you only ever get to see how the relationship began, not the relationship itself.  And that's fine if that's what people want from the Romance genre, but why does every other genre that has a romantic relationship in it have to follow the same pattern, showing the beginning of the relationship but never the relationship itself?

Other Stuff:
Fuck it, we're rescheduling my birthday - Posted on my Birthday, because much of it was utter crap.
Birthdays - plural, because why have just one? - I look at various ways to define birthday in order to make the argument that this day or that is mine.
So my brain isn't exactly working at the moment - I couldn't remember what the point of anything was.
One in One Billion Two Hundred Fifteen Million Five Hundred Thousand - Those are the odds of winning the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.  They are not good odds by any means.  I'm more than a thousand times more likely to be struck by lightning this year than I am to win the Publisher's Clearinghouse Sweepstakes.  I enter it anyway, because of all the things that could possibly solve my problems, 1 in 1,215,500,000 seems like the best odds I'm going to get.  And that's what the post is about.
Advice given to depressed people - Most of it, however well meaning, is bad.  I think that comes from some relatively simple misconceptions about what depression is.  Regardless, this is the single most popular post in the history of my blog meaning that a lot of people found it useful.
Depressing metaphor for my life - Have you ever compared your life to trying to deal with an over watered hanging plant?  I have.
Dear Spammers - For all who are confused, a lowercase W is not the same as a lowercase omega.

Blog stuff:
May 2012 - A post very much like this one, but for a different month.
A question to those who use feeds - At this point it looks like it will take three years, maybe a bit more, before the ads on the site actually earn enough money to justify me getting a payout.  I was asking if anyone objected to adding ads to feeds, but now they're taking away, or have already taken away (you see how on top of things I am) ads for feeds so it hardly matters.
Computer problems - With the warranty running out I sent off my primary computer to be fixed.
Computer problems update - What it sounds like.
Metapost about future posts being posted in the future, and stuff - I noted that my output had suffered, for various reasons, and what I hoped to get working on when I had the chance.


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