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Intentionally lost in translation

Because there is stuff I need to do, but I can not do it, I instead do repetitive tasks that occupy my time so I am not staring off into space.  Like translating my last significant post into Japanese and back 11 times.

Read the below, if you can, and wonder at things like, "Where did the massacre come from, what's with all this death, who is Earl, in a story with only female characters why does the word 'He' appear fifteen times, the word 'him' appear five, and the word 'his' appear twice?  How does, "'I don't,' Angela said firmly," become, "'1 do,' Angela said firmly'?  (Negations, they are important.  I'm guessing the "I" got translated as Roman Numeral 1 or something.)  When did 'breast augmentation surgery' become a part of the story?"  And so forth.

Original content note presumably applies, if so mangled you probably couldn't tell without the warning, but there's emotional trauma due to forceful public outing of a trans individual by people she thought were her friends.  So you've been warned.


Start a band Story

As mentioned here first [, I think: 1. I have time to start it at the end. ]
(Starter of the story of the betrayal of the contents of the notes and Transphobia)

I am of Jackson Browne song for investigating Angela, her damage. Since then, she has been left on our journey is a matter of eternity. You I was after marijuana bear after, "My dream, it's that you can not hate it, rather than the sweat of her fans, and is in many places, and events like this There are people who started in some cases, to death should not be selected, otherwise the band, it has become the first fan ", If you need to not borrow at all that she is, she instead to, will hate the one, that it is a special, mixed smell you, you, you, they are D fans, but it seems you can compare with her, you are the scene of the massacre I You may know a person you have a Yoda to the success of your junk you know, it is you that there is it is the day you can not be the way I picked up that get enough I could.

Than you appear frequently part of the agreement, is located to me, they are sent away from the location of the register of the experience of my rank in the small spot cleaning frequently, I Trout It is more than good to go to the gym. Play. There is a possibility that it was discovered the high school you want to keep half of your home.

Obviously, perhaps, as movement ING for playing music in front of your eyes that remain on the ground, the waste problem of crowd support haddock, he was present, they are, but I Select is proud to have told the audience. Love their fans, and they found that had not been playing easy listening, it is, she was annoying as usual behind halo harvest.

Is not only fear of fear, it seems to have been short that they had to play: Brown was right.

Is a member of the rank of the equipment load of other bands, you are to do the job, who died without looking around at the venue of the best places for they said, and it and the subsequent attack for her It massacre.

I've never heard what I heard, she and I, you, you've found it, I found it.

Was to be a bystander without all gone, was dead at the time of the massacre, that he was gone already. She should not listen to another human being. I sob of Ru and has not been confirmed.

For the wing of the plunge of grief human follow up, I think the sound of now, it is no dinner, to convey to the outside of the ball to the dark side, it is thought that a good thing, I know you do not have it house, it would not exist, but I'm dark, I can not walk a lot there.

Behind the first, I think it's a woman, she is curious about the typical demographic, I did not attend the university that might be close to it. In order to clear the bottom of the short blond hair, long black hair fell from the head of the people. Shirt is torn, if it was empty, it was found that had seen the shadow of a man, I know it is my cup, you know that you can find it. For one, something was missing in order to pack a shirt, he had been hidden under a powerful thing in what it was based.

Human torch was unclear. Applied when there is a makeup, it was after harvest. Both sobbing gasp, I lost my breath and stained using the torch only tears and runny nose.

She is my DI Angela has been determined, I was told to people who were not there. Who siding, otherwise, she might leave her in this state. Awkward, and then walk back on the floor, was a girl of tacky, in the right part of her head, she did not know we are sitting.

To my surprise, was based on wince, in general, and I know she has the strength that had been placed in the arm to still her daughter Angela and Angela. "You are all right," she told me he said. And. Then

(In the voice of a man pretty) said. "I'm you, for those looking at was the [OK]" I saw her I said, and I was not the only girl in her

Because it is the button, you can be in the shoes of sitting back and silly his "You use plastic, you do not have an Earl, why, they are Wells [OK] is, if you do not say All available? appears can not think not, I would not have you. "

Scream of Snort generates the laughter mix somehow. Angela finally saw the girl. "Oh, I said," You are my God, she is. "According to him, in order to drive through it the first time," I said flatly

"Angela," Angela said.

"I love the excitement of the moment at home in an excited voice really .."

"I want to talk about it?"

The girl just looked at her.

"I was trying to clean up, think again," Angela said. "What is good for you that you are standing?"

His it with you, in most cases, her smirk I have a girl of strength in my voice flat GRIN "and should not be run simple maybe later, I There is no promise that you have, "she said, it will disappear behind me. Say "home" I told him to take the time.

Two, Angela, did not know the strength of her college students nearest toilet. passed before you return to a sense of resistance to it, the word has been said to the two, I went to her toilet for women.

Thanks to the disposal of hand strength toilet Plenty Angela natural drying wind, exchanging sensitive, but it was in her paper towel, to silence him completely, but I was talking about. When I began to study navigation torch massacre, they are dead, first of all, I was a girl she was wet. When I decided to find it, you capture a wig, II, I, but, when you take off the girl. Angela goes, she looked pretty on the outside.

"What, what? Happened" "I" becomes Angela, please tell me start to worry about

. "A friend of mine, I would betray the rank 1" According to him, I, he said.

So no longer, between them, leaving your son from you scary white space, like my son, you have to go out in the middle of you, and you many of you monkeys, ... Ⅱ , is located in Nice the [OK] button, we are in I have for you breathe is like not being load.c would give some help to you. To verify click Angela is empty, "That's what they said." You have won a half smile, that it was interesting. Improvements have been made.

"Well," pause "Okay," There was another pause. "Is there a place to stop?"

"I think he will want to start looking for a good place."

"Rank behind the dinosaur, they have an a la carte at the beginning there too"

"I. It is probably my own cereal"

. "I was born at the beginning of the 1"

. Probably spell "too strong"

Most had been waiting for him, "No, this is this is not the case," said Angela thing've claims that, I said, I, I'm a girl. "Boy, do not I was born in the year, with no problems, it was a perfectly healthy, whether is wrong with him, I did not check one for your home"

In order for you to find one of the following, take a deep breath, which is the heart, they take this year, from the people, but this year, that you are afraid, but I want to hide it It can say that you will it be able to lift it may be, it is intended to give it to them, in other places ", it should be understood by those skilled in the art of students in the art, it will not may be.

. Than one day, "I Pavilion, to pray for me and my girlfriend, one group, the university you and I you there in that had me like you are not very complete now all but rather would have been surrounded by much one beneath. ...

Please tell us about it after the one. But I can depend on any of them, good friend people they are ranked first one we I pointed know may affect your This is a bad answer to the reliability of the two, "they display, you and I backup one ares ares to receive and rank your ares is one, have such support to him in order This was Earl.

Uh ... Before you become it, if possible, look at the tripod, "is for you 'm, we use the break you, it's you ... yes, in that you can I'm sorry, As long as there are women among you find that you have spent as follows, from the mat, you, we and they are likely very, cause discomfort As you know that there is, you know the risk completely, leaving them, you I do not know the Earl, Earl, so I have you, I, it knows with me all the people, some of you are, it is to spend the All you have to do something, has been released in order to stop us because they are not going where they go their way back no, thank you Strang We are, I do not have it what Apple is "There was a thing that you've found some need to worry about it, it is recommended

She stopped talking.

. "When you think about it carefully, but I was not all on the go," I told him to talk to Angela Tsu

You "But, oh, I said, at the moment I have them, are not loaded on the plane" know I say that she is that it's you, and, it is clear, that there had

. And he said, one, you know, you and I is the name of the "Angela" did not know, "I would have said to him." Of the tsunami


I did not have a diet you Angela Jesse "good name", the problem has been raised, why not? "I happen tonight"

Then, for example, as with, say everything outed me in front of the night, they are you, they are Jesse ares ares where he has in the "spell" swept my mind with us You need to stop us. That to begin with I think you have as it came out, it is possible for you and can be owned, "We, that is, your rank is, from home to help you there, enjoy the music sniffled hear the distance: When you've really run, you and they, "I think if I have to, I

I said that there was a tsunami: it may seem that you find it, and I guess must complement all of the story is that Angela was Tsu saying "your, you and me it looks like this word, "and it was a tsunami.

Jesse cry again. Not only true open shirt of Earl, "I only whether was not could not in order to look at the hit of the effect of all the shirts they are desired at all, receives the count cry that, I think everyone but, my rank has been started, "they say it is, it is my tears running down her torch. So, "I am, please refer to the freak that morning, everyone was able to lift it."

... Okay, there is a possibility that said pleased to be called a nerve that does not know that you can do for you, Earl You could quite have the need for you to run on that date me your to allow you some action, Ⅱ 1, the SS, I do not think about it that looks like this: with me. "I please check, he is one of you. The see'd."

I Have you heard the gratitude of her jewelry to St. Angela now? "I said, is that we do not stop there. Things," there was no interest at all

"1 do," Angela said firmly. Really, the people to which it is connected to the home page of the "church fundamentalist solutions Angela simple, casually, to his girlfriend, we've added as I said to her, I I I There is a community that think socialism, and does not appear to say they're expanding the types of all, I think it is, but I have been corrupted because it is around your home, I do not have high-pitched believers do not be afraid to "the shirt, it was the Bible. I think if you think, I would like to OUTE obvious, read before, okay, to be with you, she and I you and I it is she you Teita red black and did not have I sat on someone who I think it was God thinking shirt 2, I have the burden of transportation you are thinking that she was wearing it away.

"Tell me that I took off my OUTE my my shirt and the us, I had, she said, I" According to all that has been written, perhaps, he says was, I think it is the Earl here. Angela vase Earl, I think you will be a war for my work, and I think a little bit special: I sweat

Jesse was confused.

Let's, you may want to explain is interrupted Earl Angela later before it is common ... and we, "I have you, I told you, it's is it your boobs ... you adjusted in order to make sure that you will find that you need to leave to you, according to you, I do not have any shirts that you do not know the incident actually reasons that have been added to breast augmentation surgery in our walk, I said to one of the following: I "I think Angela Earl. "Set"

To my mind, Jesse 2, you, you, may seem to each of them that you can keep the bathroom as soon as possible of the same size, I'm wearing a shirt that has a 2. What to do next, we, I was trying to figure out the shirts they carry Jesse Angela lathe. So solution is the simplest, it looks as if it had heard from the road, and why if you want to get the status probably 3 most, ignorance, want to make friends and Jesse, You and I you he I know that the tear in her. Shows the two steps in front of it. you she and I, "he." And you have to lift the first few bites that seemed to have bought it you do not want to give up 雅 ticket Angela, a bus, a plane for you to give I said if you are designing a fund ッ, and it can not

In this state of mind of D, the distance of the tripod alone? Bad idea.

If you have been tagged with 3, I told her of your mind and Angela, that I "decided to encourage, I do it for us I love "

Jesse was shocked, "What?"

for you to capture it for her, like you guys, I think Slowe most direct, in order to take some time as well, in inches, but this month, we "I it In order to make sure that there is, also the road to the space through which is good then, "never their roots are you and me, I am you can do that you walk It has become available for us to look for the house does not mean that did not but notice that may not exist in the person know useful I you a major weakness could be related to you, that it is a world I think if you leave you have, and what you need to move, you will, you can have her can be: as much as possible that you had been found would agree must convince it that you, as a class with fear like that, you, "Angela in this . as' VE you, and ... "He is said to have been

Jesse. Yes, "I said to myself that I want to try"

In addition to moving all the rest of the band, he is able to sell.

"If they do it, there you are," asking him to come as soon as possible, Angela, Sighere ISA said. All three of the members of the other bands waiting to rank.

And, for a rebuttal, "after a while new friends are tagged, we Jesse made," she he is a good indicator of the priority of the absence that there is now there is a need for things. "And I CASSY chaotic day. Hated that they could get a 2-KA, but I. Do not think of the name of the ISA Jesse persimmon best to have it."

1 ", instead of what you said, to follow in Jesse, I know that voice, what I am than have been filled with my favorite," they can stir up trouble is very hard "No," I am in the house if you're trying to rash, decent girl that women have now

"But together, Isaiah said," You can not make me. That you have said to them the king "We raise it for your efforts," the promise that he, too thin, but it is I have been trying to overthrow you, I you say I say you can not ever stop. . "Must be included in the" no I mean that we need to obtain the

I was telling Angela smiled, almost the same thing will happen Jesse. She feels like to get together they had.

ISA asked? "What is".

Then, if possible, to do so in order to be able to do something I we "I" are not cleaned up the shirt Jesse CASSY her key, and I if you change it has a lot of things and how it "is, can you please see where you can throw me, you do it, it is you and me," can not do anything we

To say that I said, I CASSY "I have a concern."

Said, "and appear now, I'm in Nice, we would give," he, she, I Jeshikaki, please walk together.

"It is not designed to be a taxi service us why!" For a private conversation ISA, meat and Angela

Because you can not say you is with us, and if so, Jesse would be to say that behind one, he is a short version, it yourself to the people once and for all you in the face "you think that you can say she is here, and is for you. do not have a decision I" which may be made of you might be able to, you, I I will be there, it is a story of a whole

Isa nodded. She said, "If you are trying to play a great great, I have been playing," he said

Then they all got to cleaning.


[Ranking original]


  1. I think the translation program was interspersing translations of the actual story with snippets of poetry it's written and attempts to explain things it's learned about the world from previous stuff it's translated. I wish it luck improving its communication.

  2. "I have a girl of strength in my voice flat GRIN."

  3. I think the reason that I went with eleven instead of ten was because I preferred to have "marijuana bear" outside of quotation and thus clearly indicated to be a real thing rather than supposition.

    In earlier versions it was "bear marijuana" and thus simply marijuana of the bears. For example, first paragraph from iteration 4:

    I am of Jackson Browne song for investigating Angela, her damage. Since then, she has been left on our journey is a matter of eternity. You can smell the sweat and mixing bear marijuana with her, everyone, "and there was after hate the fans, is not she, that your event will be compared with her fans rather than D first like this After the dream of my own not up morning massacre site, I will pick up, even if more than get junk in place, your "it should not be picked up, one how much someone her fans hate, bands that I think I have been successful enough to hire people I died became special day.