Tuesday, January 15, 2013

September 2012

General Stories/Ideas for Stories:
Princess Story, Part 1 - The beginning of the princess story, hopefully I make it to parts 2 and later at some point

Idea for a series of bad creature movies - Five movies, the main one that started the idea being Sharktopus vs. Mershock but also two prequels and two sequels.  For example, how did the Sharktopus end up free after the project was shut down?  Combination heist/rescue movie.  (Think Free Willy if the people trying to kill the whale were less than good elements of the US government and the people freeing the animal were a small dedicated band of researchers.  And the whale were a ... how did redsixwing put it? A transgenic hyperintelligent regenerating impossible hybrid.)

Edith and Ben stuff:
Ben and Jackie in the kitchen - Ben and Jackie talk about life and relationships and such.
Falling - If you fall a lot, and that's part of your character, then you should fall when there's no plot important reason to do so, and at least some people should be at least somewhat concerned about the fact that a dangerous thing keeps on happening to you for no immediately apparent reason.  Thus Ben falls here, taking Jackie with him, and the two talk about it a bit.

Snarky Twilight stuff:
Badminton - Mike and Bella end up on the same Badminton team after Bella thinks the matter through.  Edward shows up afterward.  Also marks the first appearance of Dennis Markuze in my comments, but don't look for said comments as that's want the spamtrap is for.
Company (The Chapter 11/Chapter 12 change over) - Bella explains to Edward that the darkness is not predictable and does have desirable aspects, Jacob and Billy come by.  Jacob and Bella discuss car repair, relationship boundaries, and such.

General Left Behind based stuff:
NRA - The Wages of Peace - The Tribbles trying to actively do good, and Nicolae being genuinely scary.

NRA - If you would excuse us - A creepy way, and extremly short, to explain why Amanda doesn't know what the people sitting next to her are saying.

Verna's Perspective - Someone asked what the relationship between Buck and Verna looked like from Verna's perspective after the authors provided Buck's, this is my attempt.  All the events she brings up should be canonical, this is an attempt to do a thing where the setting is straight unmodified Left Behind, but the perspective is through a different set of eyes.

Skewed Slightly to the Left stuff:
What you do when you know where the nukes will fall - Cameron (on the run with Verna and Alice) gets news from Rayford about the ten cities to be destroyed.
(?) On the Plane with Nicolae - Still haven't worked out if this is quite canonical, why Rayford didn't crash the plane.
The Bomb Drops - Cameron, Verna and Alice reach New Hope.  Loretta and Verna try to coordinate efforts, Alice tries to crack the encryption on a laptop's files, Cameron tries to be a reporter.  Chicago is bombed (again).  (With a bigger bomb.)

Sort of it's own category:

Various Teams - So there was discussion of team god and such and I put out team slogans for Twilight, Left Behind, God, Atheism, Eris, and such.

From my slow trek through .hack//Sign:
Rumor, Truth, and Digital Ducks - Mimiru hears some of the growing rumors surrounding Tsukasa, Subaru has learned the truth that Tsukasa hasn't logged out of the game in over a week and, though she doesn't want to believe it, she does, and we see the beginning of a shift in Subaru's attitude toward and interest in Tsukasa.  The Sliver Knight was there too.
It's all ice cream and lollipops... and dead people - Tsukasa is made an impossible (in a too good to be true sort of way) promise by DVL, and then she tells a lie that's a really low blow.  I talk about politics, the gaslighting opportuities presented by the word should, and that sort of thing.
Bad Therapy - In the absence of a friend to talk to Mimiru could probably use a therapist here.  She gets BT instead.  That's... not... good.

Depression stuff:
If you could see how I feel and depression metaphors from the nondepressed - On the desire to have other people understand invisible illness and some metaphors that have been useful for various people from various people.

Sometimes it really would be best to leave me the fuck alone - There is a post, still in draft form, from this period that I still haven't gotten finished because when I was trying to do it and on a roll people wouldn't leave me alone.  So first I talk about how depression can be isolating and the fantasy about someone breaking through that isolation.  Some possible guidelines on when it is not good to reach out, me venting, and finally talking about the strange dreams that came when I was only able to get as far as half asleep but still managed to dream in that state.

I'm sad - I was sad, but if I took the time to take the time to ask, "What is making me sad," I'd find so many reasons to be sad that I'd end up a lot worse than sad.  So I wrote a post about it.

"Should I be worried?" - I was asked this question.  It can be surprisingly difficult to answer because there's no context provided.  Relative to what.  Very short version, "No worse than the past decade, but you probably should have been worried for that."

Other Stuff:
Unasked for and unwanted advice for those naming a clothing line - I really, really, do not think you should name it after a color unless you're going monochromatic   I especially don't think you should name it after a color if you're going to put out stuff in what seems to be everything but that color.

Say something, damn it! - Another of the posts where I try to get people to comment on stuff because without comments I have no idea how people feel about what I write.  I don't know if they love it, hate it, are indifferent to it, or what.

Fuck you, Blogger. - Because it needed to be said.

Get it right next time - On the hope of getting marriage equality in my state, we have it now but then it was just a hope.  We got it via the same exact means it was shot down last time: the will of the people overriding the legislature.

On Translation - The debate on how translation should be done generally falls between two poles, one where it says it's important to be as literal as possible even if the meaning behind the words is lost because of cultural differences, the other that says meaning must be preserved at all costs even if it means being completely non-literal.  I talk about that in greater depth.

Lopsided outcomes, why the presidential race isn't the only thing that matters here - Basically winning the race for the presidency had low upside (still have the same person) while losing it would have had massive downside, but if we'd been able to take the House that had a lot of potential for good, and not losing the Senate was good too.

So, I shaved. - I did.  Three pictures: Before, during, after.

Blog stuff:
June 2012 - Like this, but temporally different

Depression Index - An index of depression related posts.



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    1. Thanks, should be fixed now.

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