Monday, February 16, 2015

February 2014

I like indices.  I like being able to find things.  There's an index overhaul in the near future where I'll be making sure the existing ones are up to date and hopefully making them easier to navigate (the original work index, in particular, is one that I've let get away from me to the point it's nearly two years out of date.)

The plan is to spend this year getting somewhat more caught up on things. Specifically:
On the first day of each month I'll post the index for two years ago if it hasn't been made yet.  On the 16th day I'll post the index for one year ago.
Movies, Games, and TV Shows
Movies that can't live up to their names: Wolf of Wallstreet - What a movie with that name should have been.  More werewolf and more justice.

Adding hypothetical options to Long Live the Queen - Given world enough and time, what I'd add to a Long Live the Queen

Long Live the Queen: A silly tangent - As it says, silly.  The hypothetical options above are serious things.  This is utter silliness.  It is a story that comes from thinking of what to do with a navy when you're opponents are landlocked, cases of putting highly valued things out of range (when the Nazi's took the Louvre they found it empty, all of the art had been evacuated) and generally piling the silly up higher and higher until I reached the end.

When did "badass" come to equal "evil"? (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) - It may very well be Sisko's darkest moment, some people have banished it from their personal canon, and yet some people think it's what makes him laudable.  The term "badass" was used. 

The obvious Frozen, Avatar (TV series), Rise of the Guardians crossover that 20,000 people have probably already suggested - Elsa is an ice-bender, which is a subset of waterbending.  Clearly what she needs is a mentor: I nominate Jack Frost.

By Special Request: Star Trek Open Thread - The request came as a result of the DS9 post above.

General Stories/Ideas for Stories:
The narrative power of a missing apostrophe: Devils Due - The possibilities are so much more interesting than, "Devil's Due."

Snarky Twilight:
Snarky Bella summarizes canon Twilight through chapter 15 - Exactly what it sounds like.

Me Stuff:
And I made another T-Shirt (that no one will buy): Rules for dating my child - In response to the "Rules for dating my daughter" T-shirt which was, basically, everything wrong with ideas of fatherhood.

The world at large stuff:
On the infamous Whedon Tweet of Whedonocity (trans*phobia and gender esentialism) - I discuss the tweet and why it was a problem.

Epistemological Synecdoche - Is it possible to know something without knowing all of it?  Can just one piece (if it's the right piece) be enough to understand the whole?  I argue: yes.

Quick and silly on what locusts should be called - The name "locust" is neither ominous nor silly enough.

Windows 8 - It's fucked up.  But a year later I'm used to it.

Blog stuff:
I may have to just give up - There was a time when the future of this blog looked to be in definite peril.  I suppose I should be happy that I'm not making posts like this at the moment, but a year later I still have things that make me worry it could all fall apart.
The day may come when Stealing Commas ends, but it is not this day - People donated and I was able to replace my computer, which allowed me to keep the blog going.

God I hate making posts about money. - I really do.  This was a thing when fucking stuff up because medication acquisition problem left me with problems.

Why I'm probably not going to be posting as much as any of us want - Even though I got the new computer, mood related things were keeping me from being as productive as I had hoped.  Even though computer and money problems continue to plague me, it's a lot better this February than it was when I wrote this post a year ago.


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  1. I think Epistemological Synecdoche was the post that introduced me to Stealing Commas.