Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Survivors: Exposition on a bus

[Resident Evil, the game series, gives me Ideas.]
[Opening monologue for any complete story in this setting would include something like, "Our home was a city of over a hundred thousand people.  Less than a tenth of one percent of us made it out alive."]

Why do we even have an anti-terrorist task-force?

Twelve people is hardly a task force.

Whatever, why do we have them?

Because... how can you not know this?

Not know what?

It's because... look! Right there, what do you see?

The zoo.  So what?

Where do you think that came from?  The whole thing, the Komodo dragons, the chupacabra--

Capybaras.  Chupacabra are... something else.

It was a donated by Unisol-Excom.  They built it, they bought the animals, they hired the workers, and the zoo's operations are funded with an endowment they gave.

So what?

Why do you think they did that?

Kindness of their shriveled up heart-things?

To keep their workers happy.  Most people in the city work for them.

It's a company town, so what?

So, what does Unisol-Excom do?

Make god-damned smokeless cigarettes that don't do a damned thing. *looks at cigarette* How the hell can you make a product that works worse than lighting leaves on fire?

Yeah, yeah.  But their primary money maker is defense contracting.  Someone plops down next to me at the bar looking beat, I ask if they had a hard day at work, and suddenly they need to know my clearance level.

You honestly think that merits having an anti-terrorist task force?

I already said it's not a task force.  And it isn't about what I think it merits.  U-E owns most of the town; they want a couple of units to protect them; they get it.


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