Monday, February 2, 2015

No heat.

So I was away for the weekend.  I came back and had no oil.  This morning the temperature in the house was 45 degrees Fahrenheit and dropping.  It's about 43 at the moment, so it's not dropping all that fast, but it is dropping.  I'm spending the day trying to shovel a path from the street to the oil intake because otherwise I can't get oil.  Do I have the money to get oil?  I don't even fucking know.  I think so, I hope so, but there's a charge that hasn't gone through yet that I don't actually know the exact cost of.

Over the weekend most of my school books came.  Good that I have them, now I can actually be prepared for classes, but damn does it feel like maybe I should have saved that money for heating oil.

This is sort of a heads up along with the perennial, "If you happen to have money..." wink wink, nudge nudge; glance at the donate button.

On the positive side, I have a post scheduled to go up tomorrow.

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