Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I have a post over at the Slacktiverse

Before computer died, I had just finished revising and preparing a post for the Slacktiverse and was about to look for beta readers.  After computer meltdown I knew I wouldn't be up for the electronic discourse that beta reading involves, and I didn't want to postpone the post until computer was well since it was originally suggested I make it into a Slacktiverse post two years ago.

I figured it had waited long enough.  Thus I posted it without the extra scruitiny I feel a Slacktiverse post generally deserves (the Slacktiverse is, after all, not my personal blog.)  Thus it is up now.

So, if you're looking for something from me to read, in this time of primary computer loss, I recommend clicking over to There are normal people, and then there’s you – A post about inequality in language.

This reminds me that I was also supposed to make Under control vs. under control (warning for Frozen and Wreck it Ralph spoilers) into a Slacktiverse post.  I even remember looking for the best version of a scene from The Avengers to include because Banner/Hulk also fits.

Definitely not going to happen when I'm bereft of primary computer, but maybe saying it will make it more likely that I get to it eventually.


  1. Thanks for the link! I read and enjoyed the older two posts, and I really enjoyed the new material in the repost.

    1. You're welcome, and thanks.

      Also, now that you've posted once on the Slacktiverse and had it approved by a living organism (me, since comments on my article are my bailiwick) it should be the case that --unless you make a post that really, really looks like you've been hacked and co-opted by a spambot-- from now on any comments you make there should post immediately.

  2. Finally got to read it, liked it, said so on Slacktivist. Didn't say anything on the Slacktiverse, because I'd feel weird suddenly appearing there after not being around for three (four? more?) years to leave one comment and then disappear again.