Thursday, September 3, 2015

Forgotten Seeds Index

Forgotten Seeds tells the story of Kim Possible, Shego, and a few others after they wake up to find themselves in an abandoned and failing cryogenic prison on the moon.  It was inspired, with the author's permission, by the fanfic, "Fallen Heroes" though it starts later in the story.  If I have world enough and time this would probably be the middle piece of a five story arc. *

  • Awakening - Ten survivors wake up to find themselves the only ones left alive in a, disturbingly full, cryogenic prison on the moon.  They quickly discover that the abandoned prison is failing, and more time has passed than they would have thought possible.
  • Stepping Out - The survivors work to escape the prison, gather supplies, and find out more about what their situation truly is.
  • Moon Walk - The trek across the Lunar surface in now-ancient space suits is interrupted by disturbing revelations.
  • Air and Exposition - Kim and the others are reunited, Horatio finally explains his claim.
  • Downtime and What Came Before - While Kim and Shego work on the plan to get them all home, the other survivors get glimpses into what happened on earth.
  • Getting Packed - With a plan for getting to earth formulated all that remains is to loot appropriate whatever might be useful on the moon.  Oh, and apparently an alien war machine got left behind.
  • Between the moon and New York City - The survivors finally attempt the trip back to earth. "Fly by wire system with five hundred year old computers," Shego said. "What could go wrong?"

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* Tentatively named "Before the Fall", "Sliding Down the Slope to Oblivion", "Forgotten Seeds", "No Second Chances?", and "Starting Over".


This index is part of a navigation overhaul that I've been working on behind the scenes since forever ago.  The plan is to do the whole overhaul at once, but it was getting annoying not being able to have a link to Forgotten Seeds so I pushed this one out early.

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