Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Bent, not Broken Index

Short version: Ten years after graduating from high school (which ended the canonical show) Kim has had everything taken away from her and is going after the people who did it but even she doesn't know if what she's doing is justice of vengeance.

Long version:

Bent, not Broken, is my attempt a genre of fiction I call "id-fic".  Id fic is about pulling out all the stops and just letting loose on the organ, it's action movie action where problems are solved by beating up the bad guys and blowing things up.  It's about appealing to that part of your psyche that just wants to punch antagonists and other human obstacles in the face.

That's a genre I'm not terribly good at writing in.  So how well it does on being id-fic is something we'll have to wait and see about.  Even if it fails as id-fic, though, I am liking it.  Especially the first chapter.  (At the time of this posting the other chapters are mostly back-fill.)


Why this is - An explanation for why I decided to make this fic, and why now.

Part 1 - A memory of a mission in high school causes Kim to seek out an old friend, but first she needs to actually get there.

Part 2 - Kim relates the mission which changed her from a world renowned heroine to someone on an extremely harsh probation.

Part 3 - Kim relates what the probation was like, and tells the story of how she violated it in the end.  Chi explains why he's not the person to go to for relationship advice.

Part 4 - Kim tells about the conditions at Shego's prison, skips over her own incarceration, and begins the story of what she's been doing in the six months since she got out.

Part 5 - Kim's journey takes her to a facility with defenses that are too good for her to bypass.


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