Sunday, September 6, 2015


Youtube has become my raido station... well, it always was.  But there was a time when I only heard music in someone else's car.  Not being in cars that often anymore, Youtube is how I get in touch with music in spite of the fact that it has an annoying tendency to stick adds in the middle of fucking songs if you tell it to replay instead of refresh the page, so:

I wrote a whole post about Stand In The Rain, but here it is again:

Naughty, from the Matilda musical is something that's helped me connect to something even in the worst of times:

The travel chapters of Being more than a Simulacrum both required me to come up with good music to go with said traveling.

On the way I wanted "Me and Julio down by the school yard" which actually had two versions on the CD stuck in the truck.  One was the usual

The other was the demo version, which has some different lyrics and such:

Then leaving the Possible ranch we have CCR's up around the bend:

And thinking of travel songs put Take it Easy in my head:


Writing Forgotten Seeds: Getting Packed left me with the task of what would be playing in the car, and being in the right frame of mind for writing what was going on when it was playing.

The version of American Tune I listened to was not actually the performance from the album that the characters were hearing it in it was this one.  Link takes you do the start time because trying to have an embedded video start at the right time (about 38 seconds in) never seem to work.

Even before she switched to a different album, and different artist, on her own authority, Jade was still picking songs that she thought fit, hence St. Judy's Comet coming next:

Loves Me Like a Rock was honestly just to have a different song from the album in there, so I picked the next song on There goes rhyming Paul Simon:

At this point Jade went into quiet mode and when she went into combat to rescue Drakken she picked "Take the money and Run" as her soundtrack:

The unstrumental that initially disturbed Surge but ended up helping to calm her nerves after the mood switched was ELO's fire on high.  Full song embedded below but first, here's when it started to put her in the right mood instead of the wrong one, and here's the last uninterrupted bit while Surge is in epic battle with the circuitry of alien war machine, If you listen closely to the start of that excerpt you'll hear the end of choiry epicish music, Surge makes the jump just when that ends, hence that's when Drakken interrupts.  Note that roughly the four and a half minutes of song before that last minute consisted of her climbing (the last segment of) a giant mechanical leg of a machine that was trying shoot down Jade and thus doing a lot of moving.  (Also getting herself psyched up to make the jump.)

ELO was accused of putting backwards messages in their music to subliminally influence people.  ELO responded to that absurd bullshit by putting a backward message in Fire On High.  That gibberish you hear at the beginning is actually (almost) completely clear English, just played in reverse.  Someone thought it would be interesting to play the whole song in reverse rather than just the message so we get this:

Reversed notes have a very interesting sound to them, and listening to them make me wonder about the possibility of composing music where two pieces are designed to be played as one but one is electronically reversed when they are combined.  Ideally it wouldn't matter which is reversed because you'd compose it so that listening in either direction produced an aesthetically pleasing song.

Finishing with theory, back to music:

When the shuttle finally lifts off in the next chapter, you know that Jade will be blasting this over all frequencies:


Fred had a post about two country songs.  Someone talked about looking to hoping for and dreading judgement day.  The dread was about (paraphrase) the whole "be all my sins remembered" thing, the hope was, and this a direct quote: Because that's the day that my brain chemistry gets adjusted and I don't feel like this any more.

I responded thus:

I ended up seeking out Dry Your Eyes from the same concert, though I never posted it anywhere.  It's criminal that this song is overpowered in google by the newer completely different song of the same name.  Just listen:

But here's something I didn't know, you can listen to the whole fucking concert.  Four hours and twenty minutes of pure distilled awesome.  Well, I could do without the poetry reading while the band is taking a break in the middle, but the music is fucking amazing:


Other songs that randomly got on my listening list:

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