Wednesday, September 16, 2015

So, um, stuff

At the moment I'm in a good a good place, and will be for the weekend, but getting here involved a lot of stress and heat and unpleasantness, and when I write the donation post that should have been up yesterday except I wanted to allow Bent, not Broken part 3 to have breathing room, it's going to have a tally (that I have yet to make) of the cost of school (which I am in, so mental healthcare woo!) which I can't cover at all and also begging (would getting on my knees help?) for money to replace a washing machine because it's reached the point where, "Replacing this part might somehow fix things, but even trying will cost over a hundred dollars."

And I want to finish Ash, and I want to get Bent, not Broken to the present tense, and I want to get back to Edith and Ben and Skewed Slightly to the Left, and I have three (count them) stalled deconstructions, but I'm worried about money and that makes it hard to write and not writing makes things more stressful and blah...

So, yeah.

I'll have an update on finances with actual numbers tomorrow.  I'll also try to have some form of fiction.

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