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Kim Possible Index

For some reason I've been kind of hesitant to make this.  I think it might be because work on Kim Possible is much closer to traditional fan fiction whereas a lot of the stuff I've done before (glaring at you Left Behind) is more along the lines of, "A version that doesn't suck," and thus somewhat distinct from traditional fan fiction, which I've never really thought of myself as doing before.

Regardless, I have two stories with three parts each now, so it's about time for an index:

Being more than a Simulacrum:
Part 1 - "Kim" wakes up in Drakken's infirmary to Shego telling her she's a clone
Part 2 - Shego tells the story of how she became a villain
Part 3 - Place, the newly christened clone, reflects on good, evil, and an outsider's perspective
Part 4 - Place faces her first morning, Shego helps.
Part 5 - Place fails to get information on why she has memories.
Part 6 - Place grows comfortable in her surroundings, and prepares to face the outside world
Part 7 - Place meets with her family and finally gets a name.
Part 8 - Leela Place Possible gets Wade to scan her brain, and meets some of Kim's friends
Part 9 - Wade, Zita, and Felix have more reactions; brainscan done, Place picks her new destination.

Forgotten Seeds:
Awakening - Ten people wake up in a cryo prison on the moon to find that they have been abandoned and 500 years have passed.
Stepping Out - The survivors work to leave failing prison.
Moon Walk - The survivors begin the journey across the lunar surface to the place that transport back to earth might be.
Air and Exposition - The survivors continue their trek, and then discuss the situation on earth.
Downtime and What Came Before - Most of the survivors have time to do whatever, while Kim and Shego work out the details of their return to earth

Bent, not Broken:
Part 1 - A memory of a mission in high school causes Kim to seek out an old friend, but first she needs to actually get there.
Part 2 - Kim relates the mission which changed her from a world renowned heroine to someone on an extremely harsh probation.
Part 3 - Kim relates what the probation was like, and tells the story of how she violated it in the end.  Chi explains why he's not the person to go to for relationship advice.

Here's How It Is:
Breaking up can be easy - It's not always a big deal.
Graduation 1.5 - Between the world being taken over and ditching it like a rat from a sinking ship to go after Kim, in this version Ron actually tries to do what can be done to help those staying on the planet.
Graduation 1.5 Larry Makes Contact - In the above Larry was sent out on a mission but I forgot to put in the result, this is it.

Random thoughts when viewing the show again after touching only fan fiction for a while.

Kim Possible: Episode by Episode - Looking at the series one episode at a time and seeing what there is to talk about.


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