Thursday, November 27, 2014

No thanksgiving for me this year, but some traditions are important anyway

There was a brief period during which it looked like I might actually have some sort of thanksgiving celebration period with some of my family, but it fell through so things are back to what I said they'd be: I'm not doing anything of value.  I'm all alone.

[Edit] Good that I posted this to go up on a delay because now it looks like food with family is back on. [/edit]

On the up side: furnace working again.  Anyway, back to tradition.

So, just listen to the song and ponder, "How many things in the world are exactly eighteen minutes and twenty seconds long?"

(Content note: "rapers" mentioned)

The weather today:

Returning to tradition, here is the original white-boarded in two parts:

(Content notes: "rapers" mentioned here too, also homophobic language)


  1. Fittingly, I read this post while eating pumpkin pie. (My family honours our heritage by celebrating the Thanksgiving of our birth country in addition to that of our home.)

    Re: weather, that's why I like the timing of Canadian Thanksgiving better. Harvest festivals shouldn't be held in late November: the harvest is over, it's winter now.

    Your post...last year? *checks* no, two years ago, was the first time I'd ever heard of "Alice's Restaurant". This year I've actually encountered it a couple other places as well, such as the delightful "Pop Sonnets" blog. Thanks to you, I was able to guess what song the sonnet was translating only two lines in.

    (I am also thankful for the Textarea Cache Firefox add-on, which has saved this comment twice now.)

  2. I can't remember having listened to Alice's Restaurant in years. I probably heard it at some point, but I didn't remember it.

    The bit with the psychologist reminded me of Richard Feynman's description of being evaluated in Surely You're Joking, Mr. Feynman!, which had the opposite result. :P

  3. Somehow, I had never heard Alice's Restaurant all the way through until sometime this year. It's great.