Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Status Report

So I meant to make a post talking about the resolution of the medication situation.  I was expecting to do it quite quickly.  Then I mentioned elsewhere when I was doing my regular self promotion for the week that the post saying I was off my meds was out of date.  Then I forgot that I have never gotten around to saying it here.

The medication situation is thus:

There is a drug that's extremely similar to the one that works that already had a generic version.  It doesn't work.  I got so used to it being the nearest generic equivalent that I just called it the generic version and thought of it as such.  This led to me confusing some people (notably Lonespark, sorry) when an actual generic for the medication that works came out.

Which is what happened.  With the actual generic coming out my insurance insisted that I switch to that but, due to some arcane rule of paperwork, the fact that the prescription was written before said actual generic existed meant that everything needed to be reauthorized and ... fuck.

In spite of what some people say, generics don't always work as well as the name brand.  That said, they usually do, so hopefully the generic that I'm now on will work.  And I am on the generic now.

The heating situation is thus:

On Friday furnace guy will come to fix my furnace.  This is good.  He will be paid (by someone I will then be in debt to.)  This is also good in the short term "I need heat" sense.  It's not as good in the mid-term "I have no fucking clue how I'm going to pay for furnace repair," sense because it only delays needing to pay rather than provides an answer of how to pay.

The cat situation is thus:

She has food.  You didn't know that she ran out because I didn't tell you, but the important part is that she has food now.


  1. I'm glad that you have medicine, have a can with food, and will soon have heat that works.

    I wish I could help.