Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I'm staying home today

Normally I'd have two classes today, but I only have one, and I fully intended to go to it, but I seem to be having a bit of a breakdown so I'm not going to school.  Since I started attending University, which was about ten years ago due to my roundabout path toward my degrees, I've only missed six days.

One because it was probably my only opportunity to meet someone in the real world and it was physically impossible to get from the city of the meeting to the city of my school in the time between the meeting and school.

One because I accidentally turned my heating system into a sprinkler system and had to clean up.

Four, at least I assume it was four, because I missed a week due to a nervous breakdown.  See here and here.*

This makes seven.

It's not as bad as the breakdown linked to above, but it's a lost worse than normal.  Metaphors of mental states are always a bit strained, but when I found myself cursing the heavens above (well, more the universe in general in all directions) because I forgot to put something in the dryer I came to realize that there was a lot more going on than whether or not clothes would be dry in time and that I was, in fact, at the edge of a cliff and my footing wasn't good.  I was at the edge of total collapse into a chasm off ... bad ... mental ... stuff.

I told you metaphors are strained in this particular arena.

I actually won't be staying home today as I need to get food.  Food, you must realize, is a vitally important resource.  Check out this link from the archives.  Pretty sure I'm starving myself at the moment, but I do definitely need to get more food if I want to keep on not starving myself because I am completely fucking out.  So I will be going out of the house today, just not to school.

Also, I finally got my family to reveal plans for Thanksgiving.  Short version: none of them involve me.  Yay.

On the one hand, Thanksgiving always ends badly in my family, so there may be slim cause for that not to be a flat sarcastic, "Yay,"* on the other hand it tends to begin and middle pretty well, plus being alone is seldom helpful.

So, yeah.

Anyway, I have to go food shopping now (I otherwise would have done it on the way home from school) so I'll just close by giving a list of possible implications for the blog:

  1. The lack of stimulation coupled with free time this week will jump-start writing from me as my brain screams out, "I AM SO FUCKING BOARD!"  Stealing Commas will actually benefit.
  2. I'll unremarkably recover and end up more or less where I was before.  Nothing will noticeably change.
  3. I'll go into a downward spiral and produce no new writing whatsoever.
So, in short: more or less anything could happen.


* It seems so odd these days to think that there was a time when getting a ride to school was a regular thing.  And yet, at the time it wasn't uncommon.  If I had morning classes I could get a ride in, if classes for a given day ended at just the right time I could get a ride home.

It wasn't uncommon back then for me to get a ride one way more often than not.  Sometimes I'd even get rides both ways.  I was also faster then.  Travel time on foot took an hour to an hour and a half one way rather than the hour and a half to two hours (usually tending toward two hours, sometimes going over) that it does now.

** When I rule the world, one of the many things I will micromanage will be keyboard design.  Actually I won't micromanage it, I'll simply manage it.  I'll tell people, "This is what I want done," and have them work out the best way to do it (while other people double check that their methodology is good.)  But, anyway, we're going to have some additional punctuation marks on the keyboard.  One will be the snark mark.

Yes, the snark mark is an open source punctuation mark that anyone can use already since it was designed to be able to use with a standard keyboard, but ".~" doesn't feel right.  Now "" is something I think we can all get behind.

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