Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Today has not been a particularly good day for me

I get money to buy food tomorrow.  Which naturally means that today is the day when my food money is furthest in the past.  For whatever reason I've been experiencing shortfalls lately.  I don't think I've significantly changed my buying or eating styles, but I keep on ending up whit more month than I have food.

That didn't used to be the case.

To make matters worse I can't fall back on my preferred fallback (soup) because of furnace problems.  Not that I flooded it and thus turned the entire heating system into an unintentional sprinkler system.  No, this was going wrong before, but I misdiagnosed what was going wrong.

I thought that it was getting out of whack and needing to be reset after being turned off.  (In warm months I only need to turn it on to do the dishes or take a shower.)  Thus I thought that once I reached the point where it was on constantly that problem would go away.  In fact it was getting out of whack whether on or off, if given a little bit of time.

Which means that the furnace can't stay on.  Which means that it can't heat the house.  Which means it's fucking cold (though still well above dangerous levels of cold.)  It is being arranged to have someone look at it soon.  (How the fuck I'll pay for that I don't know.  I swear every time I think financial problems are behind me something else goes wrong.)

But back to food.  It's not staying on long enough to do the dishes.  (Which makes me wonder if this has been going on longer than I realized because I had noticed a decline in dishwasher effectiveness some months ago.)  So no soup.

Additionally I haven't been sleeping all that well.  Never a good thing.

I've been having trouble forcing myself to stay hydrated.

I'm just in a bad place overall.

I've spent most of today doing nothing much and being generally agitated for no apparent reason.

I can't really make myself think.  That's never fun.

I have no conclusion to this post.


  1. Can you automate things to some extent? Checklists for basic self-maintenance (eat, drink, etc.) can be helpful for some people.

    Any progress on the medication?

    1. Any progress on the medication?

      Right, you can't read Disqus comments.

      Chris the Cynic, dated November 1st: I had a post pointing out that because of paperwork BS I was off my meds, but I'm since back on my meds.

    2. Yes, thanks for forwarding it.

  2. I swear every time I think financial problems are behind me something else goes wrong.

    This seems to be the main issue with homeownership, or at least, being responsible for the upkeep of a living space, whether you own it or not. Less so if was handed over to you in good shape. :-(

    1. When I first moved into a house that I was responsible for (via mortgage) rather than renting, I discovered that I could be woken by a quietly-dripping tap at the far end of it.