Monday, May 27, 2013

Those Life of Brian t-shirts I mentioned (Romans Go Home) (pictures)

So there was some interest expressed in the t-shirts back when they were just an idea, no idea if there's still an interest, or if interest will persist after seeing the product.

I was hoping to get mine before the Classics Barbeque so that if anyone did want one they could get the money to me before then and I could pick up them up there, and get them to whomever wanted them.  That... didn't work out.  In spite of my best efforts I didn't get my shirt until the barbeque and then I was sort of out of it for the week afterward.

Anyway 12 dollars a shirt if you or anyone you know wants one, the Classic's club will be grateful.  Shipping is another question entirely, that depends on how much it costs for me to send a shirt to you, and I have no idea what that costs as I've shipped maybe one package in my life and it was of a different sort.

Pretty pictures:

Me wearing one of the shirts in front of a tree that rose from its own ashes (metaphorically, actually it rose from being struck by lightning, having stunted, unusual growth for longer than I was alive, finally being knocked over by wind, cut up with a chainsaw in preparation for being removed, and that was about when I noticed it was rising again):

Full graphic:

Just the words (which honestly hardly gives any additional detail):

Detail shot of the Greek key logo outline:

So, anyway, if you want one, or know someone who does, tell me and I'll see about getting you one.  The cost is $12 (US) for all sizes which I think run from small to 2XL, as I said shipping is something we'd have to figure out because I've never done it before.


  1. Do you mind if this turns up on a character in a webcomic? And if so, where would you like the link pointed?

    1. I don't think anyone would mind, the link should probably be pointed to the USM Classics Club. Trouble is that as far as I know they have no website, just a facebook page. So, I guess, point it at the facebook page:

      If you wanted a link for those not willing/able to use facebook, I suppose you could point here.

  2. I need two, one that's me-sized, and one that's... bigger. Um.

    That's probably, like, medium and...possibly large, depending on how the sizing goes.

    1. I can try to arrange to get the two for you before the next time we see each other, whenever that may be (preferably when you're not sick), and then you can pay me back the $24 they cost when I give you the shirts (no shipping, yay, so just 12 dollars each) but the question of sizing is one that I'm not sure how to answer.

      I think the sizes might run small. My shirt (see pictures) is an extra large but it's definitely smaller than the shirt I'm wearing right now (extra large from a different company.) So my first inclination is to say that they run about a size smaller than normal (i.e. if you want a large get an extra large) but, on the other hand, what's to say that the shirt I'm wearing now isn't the odd one?

      So, yeah.