Thursday, May 9, 2013

Recommends: Read someone else talking about depression (Hyperbole and a Half)

So my tooth is no longer infected, but the first day the infection was really definitely in "Something Is Wrong" territory I missed an appointment with my psychiatrist and I haven't been able to make up that appointment yet.  As a result I've run out of all my medications and am quickly relearning what it's like to be depressed.  (Short version: more or less like I remember it, actually.)

But at the moment I think you should read someone else talking about depression, for a change.

I said earlier that Hyperbole and a Half was back but the backness was just to give people about the heads up about the coming post.  That post is no longer coming for it has arrived and is thus here.

It's all of the brilliance that one should expect from Hyperbole and a Half and a very good post on depression as well.  It is, of course, always worth noting that depression is a lot like evil snowflakes: every case of depression is different.  What Allie says at Hyperbole and a Half about depression should no more be taken to describe all cases of depression everywhere than what I say here.  That caveat stated, go: read this post.

I've a comment over there which I might try to take some of the ideas from and incorporate them in a post at some point.  I've been meaning to do a post called, "You feel like you're helping; I feel like you're hitting me with a stick," or something to that effect, for some time now anyway.  The hard part has always been doing the work of actually writing it.  If you're interested, the comment is here.  If you're not interested then, interestingly enough, the comment is still where I said it would be if you were interested.

As a result of checking to see if the comment actually posted I've read some of the comments on page 24 of the comments, I've also seen some of the ones on page one and, for some reason that I don't really understand, 21.  That's hardly a comprehensive look at the comments, but it is enough to have picked a favorite: "This post is my piece of corn. Thank you."  (It is here, if you want to see it in it's original setting, but I've quoted the entire thing so don't expect anything more.)  I'm with Melissa, whoever she may be, on that.  If you have no idea what it means, then you haven't read the post yet.

Seriously, read the post.


  1. Good luck getting through this. For you, and for Melissa, and for everyone else in that comment thread (five thousand comments oh my god) who has a "this" to get through.

    (The comment-specific link doesn't work. At a guess I'd say they don't play well with pagination. It's not too hard to find, though, since you said to look on page 24.)

    1. You appear to be right, pagination was the problem. If I manually add the page to the comment-specific link it seems to work so they should be working now.


  2. Oh crap I am so sorry your meds got disrupted. Mine did too, but only for 2 days because I mailed a Medicaid form to the wrong address. Luckily the depression stuff was ok, only the one for concentration/focus got discontinued...then there was withdrawl and collapsing during a soccer game...good times...

    Come celebrate mah birfdai, plz?

    1. Come celebrate mah birfdai, plz?

      That's the plan. Though at this point all of the details beyond that (how and when and whatnot) are sort of less than clear to me.

  3. Having read the Yes. Damn.
    I can definitely see how the post could function as a piece of corn. I basically laughed uncontrollably in bitter recognition throughout.

  4. Thanks for the link. That was well worth reading.