Saturday, May 25, 2013

Double Features

So today I found my sunglasses, helped my sister, got peed on by a baby that was theoretically well diapered, witnessed a bull humping the front end of a pig,* and stuff.

I was also re-re-reintroduced to a plan my sister had once upon a time.  She has a projector, not a good projector mind you, but a projector, and she wanted to do movie double features.  For example:

The Land Before Time and Jurassic Park
ET: The Extra Terrestrial and Alien
Short Circuit and The Terminator
Free Willy and Orca
Born to be Wild and Congo
Flubber and The Blob(1988) (Or the originals: The Absent Minded Professor and The Blob(1958))
Lilo and Stitch and Gremlins
Hackers and Sneakers
PCU and Real Genius

That sort of thing, as I said today to the people who were suggesting such things, by the time we left the house we'd forget every idea we'd come up with.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Independence Day maybe?  Who knows.  But you can see the potential.
Casper and Poltergeist?
Ghostbusters and... I don't know.
Date with an Angel and The Prophecy?  Maybe not.  Probably not.  The Prophecy is good enough, but for a lighter angel thing I'm not sure.  There's always Dogma, I suppose.
What would go with Aliens?  I know not.
War Games and Eagle Eye


*My knowledge of animal mating is limited, but this is what I've learned thus far in my life:
House cats have sex with bunnies.
Donkeys have sex with Llamas.
Bulls have sex with pigs.

Given the emerging pattern I am left to wonder how any species is able to perpetuate itself.  It seems like nothing is interested in its own kind.

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  1. A propaganda film night of Triumph of the Will and Went the Day Well?. (And Aleksandr Nevskiy, and...)