Saturday, May 18, 2013

Still here, after a fashion

The recent accumulation of spam might have made it apparent that I wasn't exactly overseeing the blog, I haven't had internet, but I have not been sucked into a black hole.  I'm not gone.  Though I did underestimate the number of children yesterday by a factor of... how does that work?

Say I expected one and there were two (that was not the case but it is simple.)  Is that a factor of one (the excess is one time what I expected) or a factor of two (the total is two times what I expected.)

Anyway, the number of children was 350% of what I expected.  I did not bring enough Rubik's cubes like things for my standard strategy of dealing with children.  (Strategy: And you get a cube, and you get a cube, and you get a cube.)


  1. I think I would divide expected by actual (or vice versa) to get the factor. A factor of 3.5 (350%), or an excess of 250%.

  2. I agree with Firedrake.

    And I am extremely glad you seem to have made it home. (I would have gotten up to say goodbye...unless someone tried to wake me and it didn't work?) Thanks so much for coming!

    That Marvel "science people save the world" idea is great, too. Plus if they had Spiderman (the triangle and/or cowbell of superheroes), they could have, like, a lab assistant.

    1. I actually made the post from the bus, so there was still a chance of catastrophe, but I did indeed make it home.

      No one tried to wake you up, I figured that with you fighting off the plague sleep was probably a good thing.

      When I left it was still unclear what was going to happen, but if you decide to have a non-plague birthday celebration be sure to tell me about it, who knows, maybe you could get Izzy too.

      As for computing, I eventually found out (by which I mean: was told) how to connect to your wireless.

  3. Also, if it would help to use my computer, do that next time.