Monday, July 9, 2012

Twilight, Manuscript e, what's in the woods.

[Originally posted at Ana Mardoll's ramblings.]
[That which is in Bold Italics is from the original text, presented without modification or omission.]

"Don't go into the woods alone."
I stared a him in blank confusion, "Why?"
He frowned, his eyes were tight as he starred passed me out the window.
"I'm not always the most dangerous thing out there."
A noise made me turn my head and I saw figures emerge from the woods, talking loudly, still too far away to make out shapes or faces but voices I could manage, in fragments. Lauren was amoung them because I heard her say, "And that's why I don't invite relatives to lasertag."
Some more discussion I couldn't hear and then Jessica, "I thought the little one was kind of cute."
Someone said something inaudible but it must have been a request for clarification because she said, "The one with the tentacles on his," and she dropped out of hearing.
"Is that why you went easy on him?" Angela asked.
"I just thought it was unfair to claim the highground just because we have claws and he didn't"
Lauren said, "You never give me the same consideration."
Jessica, "They lost anyway."
Angela, "And were sore losers."
Lauren: Which is why I don't invite family to lasertag.
Angela: How am I supposed to get this gunk out of my fur?"
Lauren: It'll rinse. Failing that use Dawn.
Jessica: I don't foresee any problems once I'm with a shower.
Angela: Easy for you two say, you have scales. It's all in my fur.
Lauren: We should probably let featherboy know made the right choice to not come.
Jessica: Hey! Car.
The figures seemed to change, one shrank, another evidenced hair where before I had seen none, the last seemed to resemble an sea creature somewhat less, not the the resemblance had every seemed all that strong in the first place, and all of the shapes became more human. Soon I was able to recognize them as Angela, Jessica, and Lauren.
And they all seemed to be covered in a disgusting fibrous slime. "Hi Bella," Jessica said when the reached us leaving a glop of ick on the window, as she put her hand to it. "Glad you made it back safely, but you missed out on all the fun."
Lauren added, "And the use of an unnecessary defensive mechanism by sore losers," shaking some of slime off her arms, but mot stubbornly remained.
Angela said, "We'd love to stay and chat, but we all need to shower."
And with that they walked away, the only evidence remaining the slime trails leading out of the woods, and a slimy handprint on the window.
After a long silence Edward said, "Let's leave it at that."



  1. What do you mean Edward? They seemed friendly!

    1. That's a good point, the werebear, lizard person, and Cthulhu-kin all do seem to be fairly friendly, don't they?

      But then, who could be less friendly than Edward Cullen?

  2. This is great :D They totally just upstaged Edward's angst.

  3. Monster girls chatting about lasertag