Monday, July 30, 2012

Food helps

So, "Wait, could I be starving myself?" isn't a question I often ask.  I have access to food, I am extremely unlikely to ever go hungry.  Even should I end up homeless and broke there would still be resources available to me.

Starvation isn't really something that needs to come up in my thinking because I am lucky enough to be in a situation where it's extremely unlikely to ever be an issue.  Unless, you know, I stop eating for no good reason.

I noticed that I was losing weight, actually getting closer to where I wanted to be, in spite of putting in no effort in that direction and absolutely no good reason for it to be happening.

I don't want to give a full accounting of every action in my life, but the only possible cause was reduced caloric intake.  Didn't remember the last time I had a meal worth speaking of.

So I've put an effort into eating more.  Made pasta with meat and tomato sauce, for example.

I still have lack of sleep bringing me down, trying to catch up on that, but damn do I have more energy today.

Food helps.


  1. I actually just had pasta last night too! It's a really convenient dish, and can go well with any number of things (chicken, beef, green beans, corn, mushrooms... I've made it with all those and more.)

    Yes, food does help. Sleep does too - I hope you get more of that. And if you do want to lose weight, I hope that happens too without your losing energy.

    Best wishes.

  2. Something that may not be relevant to you: my best experience with losing weight and feeling generally more healthy has relied on two things:

    (a) eating when I want to;
    (b) stopping eating when I don't want to.

    These seem really obvious, but the second one in particular is very hard if one's in the habit of finishing what's on one's plate. Stopping the moment one no longer wants the food seems to me well worth while even if it means lots of leftovers (which one can, after all, eat later).

    The reason I mention it, though, is the first one: few and frequent meals let me keep my blood sugar, and general temperament, much more constant.

  3. I can very easily simply not bother to eat. Other things are more interesting. And it doesn't trouble me too much. I miss loads of breakfasts and the occasional evening meal.

    But I'm beginning to think this is not good for me. I probably should be taking better care of myself.


  4. Food helps a lot. And food takes effort.

    I never end up starving myself to the point where I lose weight, but I often starve my brain to the point where I get faintly dizzy, and highly belligerent...and now sometimes I do that to my kids, and that's really scary.