Friday, July 13, 2012

Image Post: Pictures of Dragons

And by dragons I mean dragon, and pictures I mean one picture over and over again modified in different ways.

So, once upon a time, long ago, seven months and 6 days ago apparently, facebook hit me with an ad that I almost entirely ignored.  I didn't pay an attention to what was being advertized, but I snagged this image:

For anyone unfamiliar with facebook ads, that is original size.

For anyone unfamiliar with me, I fiddle with pictures. See what I did to the Mona Lisa, and both the Sparklegul and the Sparklegul revisited.  Though, chronologically speaking, the Mona Lisa came last in that list.

Anyway I'd done some work on it in the past:

This is not original size, original size being just a tad too big for the blog.

And then returned to it more recently:

And many more, because once I start I just sort of get fixated.  But I figured six was enough.  Though now that I say that I have a temptation to make one more.

Well, that was disappointing, my two attempts to combine the colors of that last one with not-fuzziness of an earlier one didn't go so well:

One more, as expected, similar results:

Anyway, pretty pictures.


[Added] And then it occurred to me that I could do similar things with the one I made way back when, and I went with a more more subtlety on the second one:


  1. I rather like "recomposed+hue+plusminus20+10laplace+hue+from+valueprop" - it's a pleasantly stained-glass effect, and stained glass is something I associate with the appearance of dragons. The very last one works well for me, too. Dragons, I feel, should never be pastel.


    1. And now you have discovered how I keep track of how I got there. My file names can go on forever, but without that I might find some wonderful transformation and then never be able to figure it out again.

      And thank you.

  2. Chris, this is amazing. I am in awe, as I have zero artistic ability. I love-love-love the first one you posted. I can imagine having a wall print of that. Wow.

    1. I lack artistic ability, I just mess around with things on computer. Lots of things. Even your avatar.

      That said, first thank you. Second, I have tried to consider how to make a poster sized versions of things. Right now Zazzle tells me that based on the number of pixels involved, if I were to make a print it would be smaller than a standard piece of paper. Which is, I suppose, what I get for working with pixels rather than vectors.

    2. And I've now messed with your here-avatar (less than half the size of the one elsewhere) in the same manner as I messed with the dragon I think you're talking about.

      That can be found here.