Wednesday, July 25, 2012


This isn't the post I was going to write when I opened up the post making page.  I don't even remember what post that was.  I had wanted to write a couple of things today, looks like it's not going to happen.  Permaheadache and that sort of thing.  Not much in the way of energy or ability to think either.

So, music.  I don't have a lot of it.  When Fred Clark does a music thread I almost never get to participate because the music I own is contained entirely on the CDs of two soundtracks.

The Nameless Mod Soundtrack is available for free, and can be found on The Nameless Mod download's page.

The .hack//Sign soundtrack costs money.  I acquired it by getting the special editions of each of the volumes of the anime when they were released.  These are still available and if you're interested in spending a bunch of money I encourage you to go to the .hack//Sign index and follow the links there to the amazon pages for the products in question because, not going to lie, I could use the commission money.  Also that would let you follow along with my commentary.

If you're just interested in the music:

.hack//Sign Original Soundtrack 1
.hack//Sign Original Soundtrack 2
.hack//Liminality Original Soundtrack - I largely ignore this one, I think it only has two songs from .hack//Sign on it.  Which makes sense because it's technically the soundtrack for different thing I've never seen.
4 .hack//Extra SoundTrack

More likely you're interested in none of this and none of those links will be clicked, and certainly no purchases will not be made, and that's ok, because that small collection of music that I own is not what I'm mostly here to talk about (though looking at the words spent, it might end up taking up most of the space.)

You see that stuff is on CD.  Well, TNM soundtrack is on whatever you want it to be on, including listening track by track online, but for me, most of the time, it's all on CD.  And sometimes getting up, getting a CD, and putting it in something that can play a CD is more than I can muster.

So what has been forming is a secondary music collection made up of things that I don't own, things that are a click away on youtube.

Probably the first such thing was Naughty, from the Matilida Musical which has been removed from the web for copyright reasons, but for months it was the soundtrack to me getting ready for bed because, while I haven't changed my story yet,  the message is hopeful, even if it did have a habit of bringing me to tears.  Credit goes to Timothy (TRiG) for pointing that my way.

It was good to finish a day on hope, and the idea that maybe the next day would be better than the last.

A new, very small, collection, has started to form on my computer of things that I can get to fast when I need music:

For example, right now there is a four song sequence arranged such that I just have go back to the start and then tell my browser to go to the next page every time a song ends:

I've never embedded video before, so this could mess up:

(No guesses as to where the name for a recent .hack post came from.)

I imagine this as the beginning of a zombie movie, all of the actions are the same, but the main zombie doesn't participate in the chorus which is instead preformed by the zombie horde behind him.  The song plays for the entire intro.  (No one is speaking, the sound is in the soundtrack, not the movie's world.)

Tom is the deaf protagonist and leader of those trapped in the mall.  I have no idea where it goes from there.  The unfortunate implications in having the zombies know sign language would be a serious problem, hopefully dealt with by having everyone, or almost everyone, know sign language.  But again, no plot in mind, just an opening with a choreographed ASL rendition of the song.

(Be aware that the song uses the word "whores" and rhymes it with "legislators")

(This song is Lucifer approved.)

Beyond that I really don't know what I've been listening to, Solsbury Hill is always welcome, there are so many versions this one, that I swear I can't seem to find when it comes to embedding, obviously preserves what I think of when I think of the song, but it is visually unappealing.  This version might not be as faithful to the song in my mind, but it includes bicycle.
(In terms of the interaction between music and story, I see the overlord (remember him?) singing this to himself when he is forced to climb up a giant tower to disable an enemy command and control thingy as part of a mission where he was supposed to be a decoy but all the people who were supposed to carry out the task got caught.  It takes him until he reaches the top of the tower to finish the song because he keeps on losing his place.)

And doubtless more, but like I said, this isn't a heavy thinking day.  So music.  There you have what I've been listening to of late.


  1. (No guesses as to where the name for a recent .hack post came from.)

    No need to guess. I'd seen that video before.

    I really should at least go through the rest of CaptainValor's Coulton videos even if I don't get around to listening to any other Coulton. (Though I do recommend "Ikea", which CaptainValor has not translated. I don't remember how I came across it.)

    I also should finish Portal. I got it during Free Portal Week about...ten months ago? It requires Windows, which means rebooting and choosing a different operating system in the startup menu, and I usually can't be bothered.

    but it is visually unappealing.

    I generally prefer my music not to come with a visual component. (ASL translations excepted.) It either clashes with the colours in my head, or (worse) matches the colours in my head and then I worry it's only green because I'm looking at something green.

    (That particular song sounds familiar in the way songs do when you hear them sometimes on the radio but never pay much attention to them, I think.)

    Despite listening to all the songs I hadn't already heard, the music in my head has returned to what it was before. (I have Will to thank for that. Without him I'd still have listened to it eventually, but not yet.)

  2. Great stuff!

    Can't never ever have too much "long-haired radical socialist Jew." And I'd never hear "Re: Your Brains" before, despite hearing lots about it.

  3. I listen to a great deal more music since I moved my CD collection onto a server so that they're all immediately available. (To the point that I download YouTube videos and strip the video component, so that I've got the audio that I actually want...)

  4. Hi Chris.

    I've just found another version of "Naughty". This shows an actual cast member singing it. Also, the writer of the musical, Tim Minchin, himself sings a version of the related song "When I Grow Up".