Tuesday, December 1, 2015


The post I'm working on, an installment of Being more than a Simulacrum inspired by the line "rescue beautiful monsters from ravening princesses" from episode 6 of the original radio show The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, is taking forever.  So, in order to have something here I give you a list of every post here that's been +ed on Google+ as a sort of trip down memory lane.

Why that as my filler post?  Because I already made the list when Google+ came up in conversation elsewhere.

+14 Advice given to depressed people -- Note that the advice tends to be, pretty universally, bad.
+3 The Universal Lord's Prayer -- (Crafted in response to someone saying it was already universal) Now also available in Latin.
+ 2 I have a primary computer! for a while I didn't. Without one I am not whole. Similar thing, to a lesser extent, with my camera.
+2 It never stops (on the terrorist attack last night) -- My response to ... not so much the June 17th shooting in Charleston as the culture that surrounds it and everything like it. There's a reason I don't follow the news. I can't take it. I lack the strength.
+2 The possibility of physical dichotomy being used to explore non-cis narratives in sci-fi or fantasy (and idea Splatoon gave me) -- Splatoon is a pretty cool game. That's not the point. For whatever reason the people who made it decided to give the humanish forms of female squid people notably longer remaining tentacles (most aren't retained in humanish form, two are retained in extremely noticeable ways) than those of male squid people. They also styled them differently. The girls wear theirs loose, the boys tie theirs together. That made me think of how easy it would be to have non-cis characters without someone needing to say, "Hey, I'm/you're not cis." Just have someone with short lose tentacles and you've got a transgirl, long bound ones and you've got a transboy, a style that doesn't match either gender signifier: gender non-conforming. Does Splatoon allow for that? Nope. But it got me thinking about it.
+2 Possible Kim Possible Decon (Looking for your input) -- in nine days it'll be it's been over seven months since I've posted that. I've done four posts:
+2 Marriage Inequality: How will we explain to future generations? -- Hypothetical future school children try to understand our ways.
+2 On the accuracy of the Mayan calendar -- Pretty much exactly what it says. When people talk about how accurate it is, want to know what the fuck they're talking about? I finally looked it up in *checks date* early December 2012. I actually had a whole series of posts about the calendar around then, in large part because I figured most people would stop caring starting around December 22nd 2012.
+1 How to explain what the eff in ineffable means without going to Latin What it means when something can't be effed.
+1 Malcolm Reynolds, Jesus, Forgiveness, and Sin -- Using Firefly to explain the gospel, as preached by me, a non-Christian.
+1 Epistemological Synecdoche -- Is it possible to know a thing without knowing the whole of the thing?
+1 Why .hack//Sign matters -- In some of my deepest depression, seeing another person with depression on TV late at night in my insomnia meant so very much to me, even though he was an animated character stuck in an online videogame.
+1 There should be a science movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe -- Thor II actually came tantalizingly close at times, and then didn't. It just took those dreams, built them up a tad, and then smashed them to the ground and jumped on them. On the plus side, Loki as Captain America was hilarious. I wrote a proposal for said movie (along with an original character who I use as lens through which to view the entire movie because I'm better when working with my own characters*) here. Like I said, Thor II came tantalizingly close at times.
+1 chris the cynic's Guide to making Bad Movies for the Sci-Fi Channel -- Fred actually linked to this and it still only got a plus one. Fred also linked to the +14 above.
+1 Boys make music - Girls only listen, and other lessons from an unpleasant trip to Walmart -- Advertising sends messages that I would rather not have sent.
+1 On Selma Botman Stepping sideways -- She was an incompetent ass, they replaced her by an incompetent nice person, they replaced that one by an someone who, by assholic "burn public education to the ground for politically motivated reasons" standards, was competent and an even bigger ass. Moral of the story, I guess, is that if you want to destroy higher education, don't hide behind incompetent people. Just hire someone evil enough and callous enough to do what you want done regardless of the push-back.
* Non-asshole version of pretty much anyone from Left Behind diverges so much that that's basically an original character. But Jane Foster, Tony Stark, Betty Ross, Bruce Banner, Jane's sidekick Darcy, Maria Hill? Those are all well established people that you don't have to rebuild from the ground up.

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