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Two Skywalkers and a Vader, and other prequel era stuff (The mother skywalker's weapons, Anakin and Darth after a battle)

Somehow this never ended up here.   Maybe because it's so short, but I've done shorter.  Anyway, take my non-Jedi-Truth fix for the whole "Vader betrayed and murdered your father, wait, he is your father" problem that the original trilogy had, and Darth (name, not a title) and Anakin were two different students of Obi-Wan who may well have been friends before Darth turned.  So, rewind to the clone wars, and we get the following.


[Originally posted at Ana Mardoll's Ramblings.]

[If] we retain the original idea that Anakin and Vader are separate people by having Anakin steal Vader's identity, and we give [unnamed Skywalker mother] her own story as a Jedi and the third of Obi Wan's apprentices. Then I have a Clone Wars era scene in my head:
The three of them backed up against a wall while a large fighting force approaches
[unnamed mother]: It looks like ten contubernium: 80 soldiers.
Anakin Skywalker: A full centuria, I'm impressed.
Darth Vader: Eighty soldiers against two Skywalkers and Vader? They don't stand a chance.
Vader lights his red (which does not represent evil, damn it) lightsaber, [Unnamed mother] her purple one, Anakin Skywalker his whitish blue one.
Cue epic fight scene.


Since I wrote that I've had more thoughts about [unnamed Skywalker mother] and also the dynamic between Anakin and Vader.  By the way, the reason I still say [unnamed mother] is that if I did a Star Wars rewrite I'd try to tell the story of the prequels as indicated in the original trilogy, which is so divergent from the prequels as produced that it kind of seems like an outrageous stretch to use them to claim her name is knowable, known, and "Padme".

For [unnamed mother] I like the idea that she's the tinkerer of the group.  Of note is that she tinkers with lightsabers.  She's just never been satisfied with one or two of normal design and length.

She tries various things, saber plus a parry dagger, bulky but short bladed things with three blades designed to be as Sai like as possible without cutting of your own fingers.  Attemps to make a light weapon weapon that can be used like a staff (don't try at home you'll cut yourself in half.)

Then she gets taken with the idea of tonfa (no, not a tonfa that a saber blade randomly comes out of for no apparent reason, actual tonfa.)  To go up against a lightsaber, or indeed against blasters, the stick would have to be replaced with lightsaber-like blades.  Obviously this requires guards as long as the two blades so one doesn't cut off one's own arm.  That was easy.  They're simple mechanical things that fold up when not in use.  No, the hard part was making it so that the blades would go at right angles to the grip because any non-blade portion of the "stick" portion would be vulnerable to, you know, getting your weapon chopped up.

Once she figured out how to do that, though, she'd found her ideal weapon.

The purple light tonfa of [unnamed mother] would come to be feared by the forces of evil throughout the galaxy.


After a battle I picture Vader being upbeat and happy, "We were awesome, we lived, we won, what's not to celebrate?" while Anakin is more sullen, "We killed a lot of people, we should have found another way with less death involved," and Obi Wan pointing out that they're both right.  Anakin should take joy in the fact that he's alive, his best friend (Vader) is alive, his wife ([unnamed mother]) is alive, but Vader should tone it down a bit and remember that while living is good, killing is not, and thus, really, the two of them should both find a middle ground that celebrates life without overlooking the death.

After a battle [unnamed mother] tends to go to her workshop and tinker, so she's not involved in the boys amateur philosophizing and she'd agree with Obi-Wan anyway.  We lived=Good; we killed a lot of people to do that=bad.  War sucks, but we can still recognize that another day alive is a good thing.

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