Thursday, December 17, 2015

Band Story Index

The first time the story was mentioned when I made a post about the fact that I had a bunch of, completely unwritten, stories in my head (to the point that a new one coming to me produces the thought, "Another one?") in which a transfemale lesbian character transitions and gains acceptance.

In that post, I described this story thus:
it's basically Twilight if you replace, "Vampires" with "female musicians," and "abusive" with "supportive"
So, you know, wish fulfillment fantasy (pastime, not genre) about a depressed girl meeting these people who seem above her, being accepted by them, and becoming one of them.  Girl happens to be a transgirl, hence "female musicians" instead of just "musicians".  Transitioning to living as an openly female person is part of the not-vampirification process.

So far I have written:

The Beginning - Main character, Jesse, meets the band while in a very vulnerable state (Content note: starts with transphobia and betrayal)

A scene from the early middle - Isa tries to convince Jesse to learn at least one instrument in her life.

A scene from the very late middle - Insecurities and whatnot eventually leading to a consent scene.

Fragment of the scene where the middle officially ends - Very little here, end of the final concert before Jesse and the band part ways (Jesse is returning to university while the band stays on tour.)

And that's it so far.



  1. There is a shortage of glass Armenia stories in the world. It would be a pity to hide this one in the generic category of band stories.

  2. I swear by Tyr's right(?) hand I typed "armonica" correctly!!!